The Fiver Challenge

Over the last few weeks Year 6 have been busy with Entrepreneur Week. They learned about different entrepreneurs and how they became successful. They were given £5 and based on that they created a plan for their own businesses. Their aim was to gain as much profit as possible and become successful in their endeavours.

Have a look.

  1. What did you think about your business?
  2. Did you make profit?
  3. Did you follow you business plan? If not, Why? What did you change?
  4. Did you have fun?

If you purchased something please let us know what you thought and was it value for money?

Thank you for supporting us in our business challenge.

24 thoughts on “The Fiver Challenge

  1. I think that our business work very well and we have made lots of money.Our group made lots of money and I think we made profit.We follow our plan.We just changi the prize.I have lots of fun I was very happy about the fiver challenge.

  2. First we were given £5 and we chose to spend this on cookies.Then we went to the shops to buy our cookies.After that we started to make profit and we then made£30.95.This money was given towards the prom.

  3. Our group(BH Krispie Cakes) were victorious as we made a total amount of £23.01. This means that we made a profit of £18.01 because the office invested us £5 so we had to give the money back.Also, I think our group was successful for another reason because we worked as a team and took risk(like real life Entrepreneurs do) such as we first thought the cakes should be sold at 35p but when it KS1’s break time no one bought our products as it was too expensive but after noticing we reduced the price to 25p, the risk we took here is the price could have been too cheap for our Krispie Cakes and we would have made no profit but thankfully we made profit. I had so much fun using the characteristics of an entrepreneur like Risk Tolerance and Open-Mindedness and I also enjoyed seeing children full of joy with our Krispie Cakes.

    Thank You to the Office for investing £5 and to the Year 6 teacher for organising The Fiver Challenge for us, it was a great experience.

  4. I think our business was really successful as we made a lot of profit.We didn’t follow our business plan as we wanted to use sprinkles however there wasn’t any.Then we had to change it to chocolate chip.I had so much fun doing this thank you.

  5. I think our business was a incredible success on the second day we had already sold it and I was very shocked. We knew we had an advantage because you can’t find pens like these in shops and we’ve checked. Yes we made a lot more profit than I expected. Yes we did follow our plan. It was amazing fun selling our products.

  6. I think my group was a success and although the first day of business was slow,we did well the next days and our customers were very happy.We could improve our business by creating big banners and decorating our cakes with sprinkles.The first day we created 60p profit but later on we created £19.80 profit.We didn’t follow our business plan because our first business plan was to get fairy cakes from a different shop not Gallagher retail park and to decorate the cakes ourselves with sprinkles and icing sugar from Morrisons but we were unable to go to there so we bought cakes already iced and decorated them with chocolate chips.I had so much fun because it was a new experience.

  7. I think our business was really good.First I thought we wouldn’t make as much profit but now we are making so much profit.I am really happy.Our group did follow our business.Thank you.I had so much fun.

  8. At the start i thought my buisness wont make any but it ended up with alot of money. In my opinion buisness i think my buisness was succesful

  9. I think my group were extremely successful . we made profit we made over £15.In the process we struggled but got through it together as a team.We were originally going to sell doughnuts but we then brought pens and decorated them with gems.I think it was the best experience that can help others with the future career choices.

  10. Yeah I was “taste testing” ANOTHER GROUPS PRODUCT IF YOU DIDNT NOTICE!!!!!!!!!😮😫😱it was good though🙄😑🤤🍪🍪🍪.
    I think our business selling normal drinks or slashes was quite good because we made £6 the first day and £11.03 today I even had one (gotta help the business hay). And yes we did make profit.we kid of went of the plan a little because not many people brought our slashes we decided to do normal drinks instead which worked as you can see 💲💲💲. Yes I had lots of fun even though my group can sometimes be a SLIGHT pain it was really fun no offense my group😄

  11. I think Tombola Time was a great success because we worked as a team and made profit which is more than £20. Let me remind you out of £5 we made £20. We made profit because the teachers set us a task of making profit out of £5 and we made a astonishing £20 and more. We did not follow our business plan because we know that kids bring 20p for tuck so we sold a raffle ticket for 10p because kids will think wow we did a great by we had two goes to win a prize even if they were unlucky they will still get some penny sweets. I had great fun because I experience it how hard business is and how hard it is to attract people. I will like to say thank you to the teachers who gave us the money for the fiver challenge. Without the money we would not be able to sell anything or make a profit.

  12. I think are business went very well and we made a lot of profit. We did not follow our business plan because we were going to add sprinkles instead of chocolate chips. I had a lot of fun doing the fiver challenge.

  13. What a success it’s been so far! I’ll post an update regarding sales and profits towards the end of the week! Well done everyone, and thank you to the rest of the school for all your support so far! Miss Sahin

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