The fossilisation process in 3White

To understand and order the fossil formation process. To investigate where fossils can be found. To make observations about fossils. To research one Mary Anning, of the first fossil hunters. 

In 3White the children where learning all about how fossils are made. We had a round robin of activities which included; making clay fossil models, using the VR headsets to discover where fossils can be found, studying real life fossils as palaeontologists and researching the fossil hunter Mary Anning. 

Our starter involved a gummy worm experiment to see how fossils are made….

The Virtual Reality Headsets revealed what it may look like at a fossil expedition camp….

Here is an example of the research we conducted on the iPads of Mary Anning..

We used magnifying glasses to make observations about fossils like paleontologists and made our own out of clay. 

Here is a short video of our starter investigation…

Challenge: How do paleontologists make their discoveries?

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