The Gingerbread Man – by RP

The children worked together to create their own video. They read the story independently and acted out the repeated refrains. Well done! You are all very clever superheroes!

Can you use your imagination and write a sentence to say what you think happened to the fox?

What do you think the old lady did next?

12 thoughts on “The Gingerbread Man – by RP

  1. The fox tricked the gingerbread man and ate him. The old lady shouted “you big bad fox”. The fox opened his mouth and the gingerbread man escaped.

  2. The baker made a delicious Ginerbread man. The gingerbread Man opened his eyes and ran off to the green lush field. He keeped on running as fast as he could!.The Gingerbread man was keep on saying” run run as fast as you can you can’t catch me because i am the Gingerbread”! The Gingerbread man came to a river but he didn’t now what to do so the fox helped the Gingerbread man for a little while and then the fox ate the yummy, delicious Gingerbread up.

  3. I think the fox was sick but the gingerbread man was deeeeeeelicous!I think the old lady caught the fox.

    The gingerbread man sang “Run Run As Fast As You Can.You Cant Catch Me I’m The Gingerbread Man”

    • Great answers Muhammed. Do you think that the fox deserved to be sick after tricking the Gingerbread Man? What do you think the old lady did next?

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