The Great Fire of Broad Heath

Today Year 4 reenacted the Great Fire of London with their own Stuart houses and fire which was carefully managed on the field at Broad Heath. We hope that this reconstruction of the events has helped you to better understand what happened in 1666.


Bronze – Write the events which occurred in the Great Fire of London. 

Silver – Infer how people felt in London when the fire occurred. 

Gold – Write a newspaper style report about what happened in the Great Fire of London.


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  1. Gold challenge

    In 1665 in a backery a fire started and it was getting bigger and bigger a girl died cause of the fire the fire spred to the oather houses

  2. Silver challenge:

    They must have felt terrified,petrified,scared and horrified.They would be thinking,”my home,my children’should I run,my family where are they,what am I thinking,I should try to put the fire out.”Help,Help”.

  3. Bronze

    In 1665 Mr Thomas farrier left the oven on then there was a big fire when they woke up the next day.the fire lasted for 4days do to a drought that had spread around London

  4. The fire lasted four day and burned down over 13,000 homes. There are a lot of reasons why the fire was so large mostly to do with the way houses were built a lot of them they were made from wood and were very close together.

  5. Silver challenge

    People in London would have felt scared and frightened because there was a huge fire near to people’s houses. Little kids would have been confused because they didn’t know what was going on .As well as, the fire was too strong and they could not keep up with the strong fire.
    By priya

  6. silver-I thought the people would have felt anoyed I think this because they would have to sleep on the street.

    From Demi-learns hafsah

  7. People felt horrified and thought how to stop it but when time moved on it got bigger and bigger and the only thing they could use to put it out was little buckets of

    The great fire of London occurred in midnight 2nd of September .

    In 1666, a man named thomas farriner left the fire on so the fire started to spread in a bakery in pudding lane .overnight ,the fire became bigger and bigger it took three nights for this fire to last.

    Only six deaths were officially recorded as a result of the great fire of , London ,
    with the first death being made by the maids family in pudding lane .

    There were likely many more deaths as working class people .


    It happened in London in pudding lane in a backers shop.One night in a bakers shop they were making bread but someone forgot to turn the oven soon made a fire a laddy died in the fire.He ran away.

    2 nd day
    The fire spread around Pudding lane they called the fire men{they only had 2 wheels}. They only had 2 leaters in the hoes.


  10. Challenge:
    Bronze – Write the events which occurred in the Great Fire of London.
    Firstly,there was a bakery, in Pudding Lane, and the man who owned the bakery forgot to turn the oven off, and the fire started to spread across the house.People tried to ecape by getting into boats that were in the River Thames,some were so desperate to escape they even threw in their belongings and made a swim for it!

    Silver – Infer how people felt in London when the fire occurred
    When I first heard the bell, I felt like “Why is the bell ringing at this time of night?” But,when I looked out of the window… I froze…My blood ran cold… There was a fire. A raging fire as big as the bell itself, was this the end of London? I quickly gathered all my belongings as I woke up my family. What caused this raging fire upon us? Who did this? Why did they do it? I was thinking about these questions as I ran through the road to the River Thames and believe me, you do not want to go in the River Thames, it is filled with poo and wee because we didn’t have a sewage systme so all the sewage ended up in the River Thames. Then I saw some people escaping on a boat, “Wait a second,” I thought “Is that my family?” Then I realised what was going on, my family left without me! Oh what was I going to do?

    To be continued…

  11. In 1666 on Sunday, September the second ,1:00 the Great fire of London started in pudding lane where a baker forget to turn the oven of, whilst he was baking bread.

    Soon the fire started to spread all over the houses and 70,000 houses were on fire only 10,000 weren’t. Everyone rushed to the river to get out of London. Unfortunately only majority made it but everyone else did isn’t.

    As it was estimated 6 people died but we don’t know if that was true…

  12. In the Great fire of London the house s were very close. A bakery man thought he shut his fire down bus he was wrong.So that started the and it was getting bigger and bigger the engine could not stop because the only hold 2 litres of water.

  13. Silver
    On the first day,I opened my bedroom curtains and found that my local bakery was on FIRE I had panicked I ran to my mum and dads bed room and screamed”the bakery the bakery it’s on fire.” My mom calmed me down and said ” it’s fine the fire brigade we’ll make the fire go away.”

  14. When the fire started everyone came out of their homes as the fire started in pudding lane in the bakery .people started to worry about their siblings and it lasted for 4 days

  15. September 2nd 1666
    At 1:00 a fire started on pudding lane the people recognised the fire but couldn’t fit the fire engines through the narrow roads.Out of the 80,000 population in this area of London ,70,000 of the houses were on fire and 13,000 were destroyed.

    King Charles has now declared that houses are not going to be made close together or out of wood or anything that burns easily.

    As you can tell by the by the title there has been a fire I repeat fire and this would be a devistating time for the pedestrian wating hours for the fire brigade. This fire brigade would help as they only carried 2 litres of water in there pump.

  17. Silver

    During the great fire of London I felt terrified and worried about where am I going to stay and how was I going to survive.My friends and familywho was in London at that time felt very sad because they could of died ofThe Great Fire Of London.Over night,I worked up and I was curious what was going to happen next so I went back to sleep.I woke up in the morning and saw the city on fire and I was panicking lots.This lasted for 4 days.

  18. This all started from the bakery on Pudding Lane,owned by Mr Thomas Farriner. The fire lasted four days due a drought that has spread around London(Sept 2nd 1666. Due to the lack of technology it was hard for the firefighters to put off the flames, as flames were too high and fire engines could not travel down through the narrow roads. Out of the 8000 population in the area of London, 7000 of the houses were on fire with around 13000 destroyed.

  19. Silver
    I think the poeple felt frightened because the people are going to died and their were unhappy because the people house were burnt down and damage there were angry because there were no were to live in London
    I ran into the boat because I was frightened about the house is burnt down

  20. The Great Fire of London was a huge fire that raged for three nights in September 1666 and destroyed much of medieval London. A combination of events enabled the fire to get out of control quickly and spread across the city rapidly: London had had a long dry summer, there were strong winds blowing, buildings were situated closely together and were mostly built out of wood.There was a bit of a foody theme going on regarding The Great Fire of London. It began in a bakery on Pudding Lane just after midnight on Sunday 2nd September 1666. It was said to be extinguised on Wednesday 5th September at Pie Corner (or Pye Corner) in Smithfield.

  21. At first I had to take my cloths and important things I was on a boat floating on the river Nile the first thing that came to my head was are my friends ok and my relatives the fire lasted for four days a lot of people died.

  22. Silver
    I think the people felt very terrified that their houses were burnt down from this gigantic fire that was spreading all over London really quickly like as if it happened in a minute the people must’ve been very upset that they lost there houses so they took boats to get away from the fire.
    The fire lasted for four days, I can imagine the people felt worried if there family was okay and now I had none of my objects with me.

  23. Firstly there was a bakery that makes bread one night he left the oven on and a fire started across london people put water on it but it couldn’t stop it was on for four days estimatedly six people survived.

  24. Gosh gives you an idea about how quickly everything happened. As the houses were so close to one another, the fire spread quickly and with no mercy! Liked the reconstruction of visual learning.