The Great Fire Of London

This half term we have been busy learning about the Stuarts.
This week we have focused on a very important event in British History which occurred during the Stuart era.
Year 4 recreated the event in the video below.

Write down a few facts in a short paragraph about the Great fire of London.

Key vocabulary
Pudding Lane     1666    Charles II      River Thames   Thomas Farynor


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  1. The Great Fire of London

    At Pudding lane, London a bakers shop was set on fire which the owner was Thomas Farynor. He left his oven on in night and the fire quickly spread through nearly all the houses in the street. The Great Fire of London started at Sunday 2nd of September. Because the houses were made out of wood, the fire spread through the other streets and towns. People were evacuated and some even left the city. The fire spread from East and through the River Thames which was covered in Fire. Due to the skills and knowledge in 1666, firemens could not help much so they had other tools which they thought that was very useful. People stopped the fire eventually by cutting all the house surrounded the fire. The plan worked so people were SAVED! The fire stopped on Wednesday 6th September. Because the The Great Fire of London destroyed the whole city, it took 10 million pounds to recreate the whole of London.

  2. I have leant that the great fire of london started at pudding lane on 1666 and man called samuel pepys wrote it all down on his diary and also buried his expensive cheese.The person who started the fire was a man called thomas farynor with his cooking.

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