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The Gruffalo

This week the children in Reception White shared the story of ‘The Gruffalo’. They have participated in lots of exciting and fun activities themed around this story. Such as creating fantastic pictures of the Gruffalo using materials, descriptive writing about the Gruffalo and lots more.

Watch the clip below to see some of the excitement that took place during this week.


Challenge Time.

Create your own imaginary creature and write a sentence about it.

The mouse tells everyone about the Gruffalo’s favourite food. 

Draw a picture of your favourite food and explain why you like it so much.

17 thoughts on “The Gruffalo

  1. The Gruffalo has big orange eyes.
    The Gruffalo has 2 big horn.
    The Gruffalo has sharp claws and sharp teeth.
    The Gruffalo has purple prickles on his back.

  2. minaal mentions that her brother has brown skin and two sharp teeth. a very nice video and this week minaal enjoyed watching the video and studying about the gruffalo.

  3. A very good video. The Gruffalo has orange eyes and a posion green nose,and brown fur. I am scared of the gruffalo. My favourite food is chicken raps because it is very tasty.

  4. I loved the story of The Gruffalo.
    This video shows how much fun you had role-playing the story and you all created some fantastic writing work and Gruffalo pictures too. Good job Reception White 😀

  5. The Gruffalo has big terrible teeth,orange eyes and terrible claws.
    My favourite food is 🐟 because fish is healthy and makes me
    strong 👦😊

  6. The Gruffalo has sharpe crawls and has a orange eyes.

    My favourite food is apples and pears because they are healthy and make you strong.

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