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The Gruffalo

As part of our topic this term on ‘Our Favourite Stories’, the children in Reception White shared the story ‘The Gruffalo’. The children got involved in lots of fun and exciting activities around this story.

Watch the clip to see all the fun and excitement that took place during this week. 

Watch Khadijah retel the whole Gruffalo story from memory.


What was your favourite activity why?

Draw and label a picture of the Gruffalo and bring to show me.

Which animals live in the woods?

8 thoughts on “The Gruffalo

  1. My favourite activity was telling the story and I draw the gruffalo pic and coloured it brown and eyes orange.i had lots of fun.
    Animals who lives in wood chipmunk,bear deer,owl,mice and lots more.

  2. Nihal enjoyed the story and he enjoyed doing drawing and painting Gruffalo. He has also drawn a picture of Gruffalo in his homework book. Animals that live in the wood are:


  3. My favourite activity was colouring the Gruffalo. I used a brown colour and a little bit of green to colour the wart.
    I have drawn a picture of a Gruffalo; as part of my homework this week. 😀
    There are so many animals that live in the woods, like raccoon, squirrel, deer, moose, and orangutan.

  4. Mustafa enjoyed the story of gruffalo. He draw gruffalo in his homework book.
    The foxes, bears, squirrels, deers, birds and insects live in the woods.

  5. I enjoyed painting the gruffalo, i was a little bit scared of him at first but now i love the story.

    Animals that live the woods are.


  6. Aroush enjoyed the story and do lots of pretend play at home.She had lots of fun this week and she loved to draw Gruffalo. Animals live in woods are Bear, foxes ,Mouse, squirrels, mice ……

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