This week we have learnt lots about the human heart.

Can you tell me what you have learnt.

Watch the videos if you need reminding.


16 responses to “The Heart”

  1. Lacey O’Meara

    The heart pumps all the bood aroud your body

  2. David Hajduk

    My Haret is fasta and fasta.

  3. Alexandra Mihai

    My Haret is fasta and very fasta.

  4. Alexandra Mihai

    My heart is so Fasta .

  5. Aimee-Rose Grover

    what is your name?

  6. Zaynab Bibi

    First the heart cames from the body to the right atrium then to the right ventricle .After that the blood cames in the lungs next the blood goes in the left atium last of all it goes in the left ventricle.

    When does the heart beet?
    Your heart mainly beets when your exercise.The faster you go the faster your heart beets.When you are asleep your heart beets slowly.If you want to feel your heart beet you should exercise like jogging,press ups ,running,star jumps and jumping .also that’s how your heart beet fast.

  7. Sediqa Sabiri

    The heart
    .wen your run very fast your heart starts to beat faster.

  8. Aimee-Rose Grover

    You are right

  9. Aimee-Rose Grover

    When you are a sLeeping dus your haert beats fast or slow?

    1. Aimee-Rose Grover

      It beats slow aimee

  10. Yuanxuan Huang

    The blood comes back to your body to your right Atrium then it move to your right Ventricle after that

  11. Eesa Bashir

    our heart pumps 2,000 litres of blood around our bodies very day.

  12. HabibaDufa

    The heart is a gret

  13. Alicia Murambiwa

    First the blood is in the body then it goes to the right atrium.

  14. Daniels Lace

    The heart is in yours body
    But if you don’t h

  15. Aisha Chawdhury

    How does the heart stay healthy?
    A healthys persons heart has oxegen in it and blood.

    Were does the fist first goes?

    The fist first goes to the right atrium.

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