The Inventing Room

This morning in Red 5, we explored the Inventing Room in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. We came up with a list of ideas of what we might find and created lift the flap pictures to show what was being created.


Can you write some sentences to describe some of the things in your inventing room?

What is in the inventing room?

4 thoughts on “The Inventing Room

  1. In our inventing room, we included a black pan that had yellow stuff (which was caramel!). We also encorperated a cupboard that had potions in it. Also we had a metallic iron machine that made the gobbstopers.

  2. We use a big black boiler with caramel and a saucepans that make choclate sauce. in my inventing room i have boiler,iron machine a chocolate cubored that never melts and I have pipe made of sweet which take choclate from the choclate river

  3. In the unresistable room, you need to have a try of the magnificent gob stoppers.Once you try one you will have to suck,suck and suck them until wow it’s so tiny and so fun to eat.The large black containers sizzled and the machines went Boom…..Was it,just a sound of delight.Strawberry pie ummmh so tasty it is wonderful crunch of the crusty crumbs falling of.Ohh how lovely to eat and also there is a special ingredient called the wriggly worms just because they slither in your stomach.A taste would be lovely of the slithering things which will slither and tickle you until you get the giggles.(laughter)
    Mint will freshen your brain up and get you more awake but indeed this magic will make you listen to your busy parents.

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