The Iron Man Reading Comprehension


  1. What do you think the word Brink in line 4 means? Use your inference skills.
  2.  In lines 4-8, the author uses a lot of similes to describe the Iron Man. What effect does similes have on the reader?
  3. Why do you think the Iron Man stepped off the cliff?
  4. Why do you think the author repeats the word crashed?
  5. Find and copy an example of personification.
  6. Does the extract make you want to read more of the book The Iron Man?

Analyse how the author has used adjectives, verbs and adverb combinations. Do you think it is effective? Do you think the author could have changed the text to make it more effective? Explain how.

Gold: Write the next part of the story using the style that the author uses. Ensure you use figurative language, expanded noun phrases and verb/adverb combinations.


  1. I can infer that this means the very edge of the tall cliff.
    It has a big impact on the reader because the person image or picture the scene.
    I think he fell of the cliff because of his heavy uniform that he was wearing.
    To build tension the author thought use repetition and repeat words.
    “The wind sang” (human characteristics )
    Yes it intrest and I want read more.
    I think this effective because it describes not only the setting but what’s around Iron man. I think he can improve it by differentiate the sentence openers and adverbials .

  2. 1.) I think brink means that he stood at the very edge of the cliff which made him fall

    2.)I think the effect of all of the figurative language will make the reader more intrested in the story and it helps the reader imagine that he is heroic

    3.) I think he repeats crashed because when he fall there will be rocks and iron
    man hit them all that will help the reader imagine he falls of a cliff

    4.). I think he falls of the cliff because he was at the very edge and the floor was slippy so then he lost his balance so then he died

    5.) he was hearing the sea because you can hear the sea so it’s personification

    6.)I want to read more of the book because it doesn’t tell you anything after he falls of the cliff

    The author used adjectives similes adverb and verb combinations to like make the story extract more effective and describe iron man in more detail
    I think the author could have changed the story by when he falls he just stops there to make the story

    After the rusty powerful iron man fell a man who saw him and sang a special , Malicious spell to magically to put iron man back together after iron man fell as soon as he got put together he started to save the world as that’s his job
    After he fell he learnt his lesson not to stand on the edge of a cliff because you will die

  3. Bronze:
    1) I think the word brink means at the top of the cliff because he was the spotlight.
    2) The effect is that it makes it more descriptive and describes him in a better way
    3) I think he stepped of the cliff because he wanted to go and see the world and see if there’s any trouble.
    4) I think he repeats it so the text sounds more dramatic.
    5) ” His eyes like headlamps, glowed white, then red, then infa – red searching the sea.”
    6) Yes it makes me want to read more because it has lots of description that makes it more effective.

    1) Eveytime the author says something important he describes it by using adjectives, verbs and adverbs which makes it more effective.
    2) I think it is more effective because it makes you want to read more of the text.
    3) I don’t think the author needs to use any more adjectives because then it would be too descriptive to read.

    1) The next morning, iron man woke up to be surrounded by HUMANS .. He was so confused to be in this position! What could he do? Where could he go! It was a disaster!

  4. 1)I think it means it was very dark and you couldn’t see a thing.
    2)the similes make the reader know that he is not normal.
    3)he walked of the cliff because he never ever saw the sea .
    4)because the iron man is falling down the cliff.
    5)the sea went on boiling and booming.
    6)Yes it does because it’s interesting.

    The author used adjectives in lots of the smilies and did expanded noun phases.
    The author used verbs carefully in the part where he falls down using adverbs.

    He lay there silently… waiting for someone to find him .

  5. 1) I think the word blink means the very lightest.
    2) The affects is that it is more descriptive and more fun to read.
    3) I think that he jumped off to see more of the things in the world than just the sea.
    4)I think the author used crashed a lot of times to make it VERY clear.
    5)I think the this is an exp ale of personification: “Chewing away at the edge of the rocky beach.”
    6)I want to read it more as it has loads of description and it’s interesting.

    Everytime when the author says Iron man they add a verb or adjective. I think that it is effective as it puts more description in the text.I don’t think the author has to change anything because she/he has added description,verbs and personification.

    The next morning,Iron man had woken up…Then his first sight was humans.He stood up uncomfortably. He didn’t know what to do! Should he go somewhere els?or should he not? He was confused…

  6. 1)I think it means at the very edge of the cliff. This means he stood at the edge of the clif

    2)The effect on the reader is to make the reader more interested and f ind what is going to happen next.

    3)I think he stepped of the cliff because he didn’t know what was under him.

    4)I think he used the word crashed because he wanted to show how many times he crashed.

    5)”He was the hearing the sea “is an example of personification

    6)Yes because it uses similies and personification.

    Silver challenge

    The author has range of adjectives and adverbs after verb.I think it is effective because he used lots of effective language.I think he can not change it because it is good.


  7. 1) the extreme edge of land before a steep slope or a body or water.
    2)the reada geats to read more.
    3)so the person how is readin the power don’t now the ward they can re surcharge.

  8. 1) I think brink means on the very edge of something.
    2) I think the effect it has is it makes the reader want to read more because it so interesting.
    3) I think he might have stepped of the clif by accident because he might have look down. And sometimes when you look down from a high place you get dizze so that might have happened to him.
    4) I think author repeats the word because he have bashed against the side of the clif multiple times.
    5) The wind sang.
    6) I think the short extract wants to make me read more of the book because It leaves you on a cliff hanger at the end of the Short extract.

    1) I think he/she used a range of the above but I think he/she could have used more adverb and verb combo.
    2) I think he/she could have used more adverb and verb combination because when I read the text there wasn’t a lot of it.

  9. Bronze
    1)I think the word brink means to be at the top of something.
    2)The effect that it has is that it makes the text more interesting.
    3)I think that iron man stepped of the cliff because he probably wanted to see the sea because he has never seen it but I didn’t work out for him.
    4)I think the author repeated the word crash to show as he is falling he is hitting things.
    5)I think the personification is the wind sang through his iron fingers.
    6)The extract does want me to read more of iron man because I want to find out what happens when the people see the body parts.
    I think is effective because it tells you how things happen in the story and it makes more interesting with how he has used the similes and how he used his powerful vocabulary. I think it is also effective because he has used different types of sentence ways.
    The morning came ,the sun rose. People stared out there window and the people close to the beach saw iron mans body parts . People were in shock with what they saw. Some people were scared ,some people screamed.

  10. Bronze:
    1. On the very edge of the mountain
    2.his eyes,like headlamps
    3.the wind was so strong that it made the iron man lift his feet of and made him fall
    4.becuse he wanted the words not to be together so he seperated them
    5.slowly turned to left.
    6.yes because I can learn a lot from it
    1.the author used adjectives in the smilies.

  11. 1)I think it means right at the edge.
    2) It tells the reader what the subject is like.
    3) I think he jumped off the cliff because he want d to go to the sea.
    4) I think repeats the word CRASH! because he crashed more than once.
    5) “Chewing away.”
    6) Yes because it ends in an interesting way.
    1) This is effective because the author uses lots of description and builds tension.I can improve it by using more relative clause sentences.

  12. 1.) I I think that the word brink means at the very edge.
    2.) I think that the similes make it more effective on the reader because the similes makes it’s tys je more interesting.
    3.) I think that the iron man stepped of the hill because he probably wanted to go of the cliff.
    4.)I think the author uses the word CRASH to show that iron man is falling down the cliff.
    5.) The wind sang through his iron fingers.
    6.) The story makes me read more of the book because it is building suspense.
    Silver challenge
    I think that it is a good text but it can be better next time because it hasn’t used that much description about the cliff and iron man.

  13. Bronze
    1)Brink means at the very edge.
    2)This effects the reader and introduces the Iron Man.
    3)I think that Iron Man jumped of the cliff because he wanted to dive into the sea.
    4)Because it was serious and some of his limbs were falling off.
    5)The wind sang through his fingers.
    6)This extract does make me want to read the rest of Iron Man because it is descriptive and it is not dull.

    The author has used a lot of descriptive language to make the story more interesting.

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