20 thoughts on “The Island drama in 6 Red

  1. I applied my listening and acting skills because you need to listen if your in a team the most challenging task was to act silently while doing drama.

  2. We used our acting,role play and our teamwork skills.The challenging aspects was to get in the characters shoes and pretend to be in their everyday life.

    From zaynab 😀😀😁😁

  3. We used our communication and acting skills to make up the scene. The hardest part of this task was trying to coordinate and choreograph the actions and mimes.

  4. We used our acting skills and our mimeing skills.
    The challenging aspects to of the task is to create 5 action about your character you picked

  5. We used facial expression and body language. The most challenging aspect of this task was trying to stay in character and portray and become that character.

  6. We used our acting skills and our confidence skills. The challenging aspects of the task was remembering all of the scenes for our character.

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