The Law

All countries have laws. Laws are made to ensure we are all kept safe and there are consequences for
crimes, that people commit. In school we have rules, which is our law- which rule do you think is the most important?

70 thoughts on “The Law

  1. To me all the school rules are important and you should follow every single one of them to be a good BY citizen but if I had to choose the most important rule I think it would be “to respect and care for all things” because respect is a very powerful word and also respect is one of the British values and you have to respect everyone and you also have to respect equipment and things.
    By malaikah🐼

  2. I think the most important rule is to follow instructions to the of your ability because if you don’t you could not know what to do in your work

  3. I think everyone should listen to the law because if you didn’t you would be doing whatever you I think it is very important to listen to the law because it also could turn you into a very good citizen.And lastly the law is very important to the country.

  4. We all need to listen to the law because its very importance and all law are different to England Like our law is above 10 year old but other people has a different thing campare to England than Other Country.
    By ilhan.

  5. I think that the most important school rule is to respect and care for all things I think this because it shouldn’t have to be a rule you should know it already because you should always be kind

  6. In my opinion are school is important because it is an opportunity for us to educate ourselves and it helps us so much even let’s us have fun.the law says we have a Right to go

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