The Lifecycle of a Frog….

In English this week, Year two have gained an understanding of a Frog’s Lifecycle. Here are some of the things that we’ve been doing during lesson. The Bee’s did an amazing job explaining the different stages of the process using the correct scientific vocabulary.

What is an Amphibian?

What is the process by which an animal changes after birth called?

Where would you find the embryo?

How do froglets breathe?

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  1. Thank you all for commenting & well done for trying to answer all of the questions.
    Number 2 is a tricky one…. The process is called Metamorphosis.

  2. 1.You will find an embryo in a egg 🥚 it’s a little black or brown dot
    2. An aphibian is where a animal is wet skinned and it has cold 🥶 skin
    3. The same animal after birth is called a baby animal
    4. Tadpoles breathe out of there gills

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