The Octopus’s Garden

Look at the video below which shows the fun learning that occurred during Music Week. The children loved creating and role-playing in the Octopus’s Garden in RD.

Can you spot the teachers having fun in the Octopus’s Garden too?

What did you enjoy the most about Music Week?

What different things did you learn to do?

What is your favourite song and why?

What instruments would you use to represent the octopus, fish, crab and shark?

5 thoughts on “The Octopus’s Garden

  1. I enjoyed playing the instruments.

    I learnt how to play music and dancing. When i was dancing my heart was beating very fast like a drum.

    My favourite song was You’ve got a friend in me because it is my favourite song, it is all about friends and I care about my friends.

    The instrument I would use for the crab would be a clapper to make a click click noise.

  2. My favourite song is the octopus garden. I loved singing in music week and enjoyed it very much. I have learned how to use the keyboard.

    The instruments I would use would be as follows

    Octopus: tambourine
    Fish. : bubbles
    Crab : clappers
    Shark : keyboard

  3. The Octopus Garden:

    Having watched the video, I enjoyed everyone dancing and singing. I liked the role play of everyone being in the Octopus Garden.

    I would use these types of instruments for the following.
    Shark – Keyboard
    Octopus – Bells
    Fish – Guitar
    Carb – Drum

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