The Owl who was afraid of the Dark!


This week we learnt about the story The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark. Listen to the story of the little owl.


1. What WOW words did you hear in the story that described the dark?

2. Can you see fireworks during the day and why?

3. What are you afraid of and why?

4. Draw a picture of the owl and label it.

5.What does the word nocturnal mean?

6. Make a list of animals which are nocturnal.

5 thoughts on “The Owl who was afraid of the Dark!

  1. The wow words that desticbed the dark was dark and nasty.

    Yes i could see firewqorkes during the day.

    I am not afraid of the dark.

    The word nocturnal means like someting is belonging to smoune.

    I could see rockets. Bats flys rats and. Moles.

  2. 1)The wow words in the story that described the dark were:
    – The dark is nasty, scared.
    – He won’t go hunting with his parents.
    – waiting for the fireworks to begin.
    – The dark is super, wonderful.

    2) No.Because the fireworks doesn’t look nice in the
    daytime and we won’t be able to see many colours.

    3)I’m afraid of rats because they are vicious, destructive,
    scaly, ugly.

    5)The word “Nocturnal” means: belonging to or active during
    the night.

    6)The list of nocturnal animals are:
    – Bats
    – Fireflies
    – Rats
    – Red fox
    – Gecko
    – Owl
    – Coypus

  3. The WOW words I heard were hunting, awake, afraid, scared, enormous, night bird, nasty and exciting.

    We can’t see fireworks during the day because it is light.

    I am afraid of daddy long legs because they fly really fast and they are big!

    Nocturnal means animals that come out at night.

    Animals that are nocturnal are:


  4. 1 the night is exciting,kind, wonderful, necessary and beautiful
    2 the fireworks cannot be seen in the day because of sun light
    3 Spiders because they might bite me
    5 active at night
    6 owls, foxes, badgers, mice, bats frogs

  5. Challenges:

    1) WOW is describe when the owl see the firework display in the sky, and is really amazed to see it.

    2) No we can’t see fireworks during the day. As the light of the day blocks us from seeing the different colours. So we have firework displays during the night so we can see the different colours.

    3)I’m afraid of frogs, because they make a funny sound and also they are very ugly.

    4)Nocturnal means animals sleep during the day and come out during the night to look for food and other animals.

    5) Bats, Firefly, Owls, Raccoons, Badger, Fox, Rats, Moles, and Worms.

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