The owl who was afraid of the dark.

This week the children learnt about the story  ‘The owl who was afraid of the dark’. The children have done some wonderful work this week. They have looked at the owls fear and their own feelings about the dark. They have also explored dark places around the school.  The children have created fact files about owls and have made small owl models too. They have also learnt the meaning of the words nocturnal and diurnal.

Look below to see some of their fantastic work.

Writing about what dark is and how the owl felt in the dark.img_1049img_1050

The children created a fact file about owls.


The children sorted nocturnal and diurnal animals. 


They made their own owl models. 



Can you draw a picture of an owl and label it?

Can you write a list of nocturnal animals?

Which nocturnal animal is your favourite? Can you draw and write a simple sentence about your animal?

2 thoughts on “The owl who was afraid of the dark.

  1. I draw a Owl and label it.
    I did a list of nocturnal animals,
    Owl, Hedgehog, Bat, Fox, and Mouse.
    My favourite animal is Lion and I draw it.
    I draw a Owl and a Rat, (Owls eat rats). And (Rats eat Cheese).

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