A day to remember for lots of different reasons. Β “History was made”.

What did you think of the day full of celebration?

A big thank you to my sister for providing the bandanas and scarves.

331 responses to “The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations – The Broad Heath Way”

  1. Lisa Karan

    It was fun

  2. Imran Namdar

    I enjoyed all the activities. My favourite was when we were bouncing and having the horse race on the space hoppers!

  3. Riqbah Zohaib

    I liked when we were all waving different things for the Queen!

  4. Hai Ying Xue

    I was excited to have a picnic outside

  5. Saskia Snajderova

    I liked celebrating! I enjoyed the tennis!

  6. Lexi Smith

    I really liked that everyone was wearing red, white and blue. They are my favourite colours. We did really good sports that is good for me!

  7. Armaan Riaz

    I really enjoyed all of the activities. My favourite was the tennis.

  8. Keisha Nkundabagenzi

    It was a fun day. I enjoyed the picnic on the field!

  9. Samantha Ndoj

    Have a lovely birthday

  10. Marvin Ndebele

    I had a fun day. I enjoyed playing tennis!

  11. Mandy-Joyce Millet

    I liked having a picnic!

  12. Theo Davies-Reid


  13. Eduard Mihai

    It was a fun day

  14. Aman Mattu

    I had a great day

  15. Yusra Majidi

    I enjoyed the balloons most of all!

  16. Adam Madej

    I liked all the games and it was fun!

  17. Nehemia Kiflom

    It was fun!

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