The Queen’s Birthday Celebrations – Year 1

Year 1 have had the most exciting day at Broad Heath today! We celebrated the Queen’s Birthday as a whole school and we did it in style!

We had a day filled of fun activities which have been SUPER! We completed activities like making crowns, making Union Jack flags, we sketched portraits of the Queen, we left messages for the Queen on a flag. When we were outside we practiced our tennis skills ready for Wimbledon, we danced around the Maypole, we learnt some Morris Dancing, we held our own Royal Ascot events and even had a go at playing cricket! At the end of the afternoon we sang Happy Birthday to our wonderful Queen! At lunchtime we had a picnic outside and enjoyed eating cakes!

We would like to say a great big THANK YOU to Mrs Raja-Khan, Mrs Frankish and our wonderful teachers at school for such a great day. It has been one that we will remember forever!

Take a look at our video’s below to see the activities from our fun day!






8 thoughts on “The Queen’s Birthday Celebrations – Year 1

  1. THENKS FOR HAVING A GRATE CALIBRASHN 1 WIHIT WE HAD LOTS OF FUN WAS VERY LOVLY THENKYOU IT WAS GRAiT HAVING LUNCH ON THE FEILD AND HAVE Baloons and cupcakes it was a grate calabrashen and it was grait scaning ivy coads and duwing difrent aktivetys but im sad wegunu go to year 2 im gunu mis you mis sargent but naby im gunu now yours class room witch class room you are in but it was sad to not se the real QEEN BUT IT WAS STIL FUN AND IY FINISHT MUMS SIPRIS FOR STIKER KOLEKTING

  2. The Queens birthday

    I had a fantastic day. I enjoyed all the activities such as royal Ascot, morris dancing and I really liked playing tennis and cricket. I want to thank you for making a wonderful event.

  3. Mrs Frankish has said it in her comment. History was made today and we were all part of it and I hope all the memories last a life time.

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