35 thoughts on “The Rainforest poems

  1. As the soft breeze brushed against the plants.
    leaves swayed side to side,like soldiers standing in a row
    The water trickled down the rock like tears flowing.
    The lake is a snake, slithering past the sturdy rocks and chomping up the tributaries as it sneakily slithers by.

  2. Vines were swooping like a monkey swinging side-to-side.
    Water trickled down like a waterfall.
    Distance creatures whispered like a mouse.
    Leaves crunched like snow.

  3. Water trickled down the rocks like rain falling down from the sky.
    Leaves dropped down as water trickled down the rocks.
    Butterflies fluttered as they heard the water trickle down the rocks.
    Leaves swayed side to side like a flower going side to side in the wind.

  4. Water trickled down the rocks like chocolate syrup
    Buzzing bees buzzed around the waterfall panicking
    Soft breeze crept up and whispered

  5. The Lightning growled and the wind howled.
    Vines draped down like curtains.
    Water trickled down the stony rock like a heavy waterfall.

  6. What is that smell? It is strong oh and fresh.
    What is that crawling up my leg? It is thin as a peg.
    Delicate flowers whispered to the trees.
    Leaves swayed side to side like interwined vines.

  7. The sun is rising the birds a singing the animals are yowninig and the trees are
    Rustling as the leafs are getting crushed . The water is glistening and sparkling like diamonds.Birds swoop through the blue sky and the white clouds.

  8. Loud leaves rustled to the ground,
    Rain drops pitter patered on the leaves,
    Wind blue side to side,
    Water came dashing from the water fall.

  9. Water trickled down the rock like buzzing bees.Leaves
    draped like a hissing cockroaches. Soft breeze is like
    a distant creature whispered.

  10. The weary princess,was to tiered to read her book.

    Bailey the annoying school boy, through rocks at Amy

    Demi_lea,loved to play with her doll

  11. Damien Damien near the brick wall. . .
    Razvan Razvan near the brick wall. . .
    Abdelrahman near the brick wall. . .
    Khadijat near the brick wall. . .
    Fatima near t

  12. The water and lighting were rushing down like they’re in a race.Woshing water are dancing into the pool below.The branches are reaching out and on the branches there are vines touching the ground and the monkies are swinging from vine to vine.
    Ibrahim and Yousaf

  13. Insects climbing trees up and down and the trees were as tall as a enormous giant. The river was rushing towards the tallest. Tree In the biggest forest

  14. Under water is deep as the sea.
    Rocks are stuck as a tree.
    The trees where big as brick wall.
    The weeping waterfall slipt out of the pond.

  15. The tall green vines draped down like curtains.
    Butterflies fluttered and were as colourful as a rainbow.
    The soft breeze floated like a bubble.
    Water trickled down the rocks like melted chocolate.
    Distant creatures roared like a man – eating lion.

    Delicate flowers whispered to the tall skinny trees.The tall trees were Giants.They stood like a soldier.

  16. Water dripping rushing down. Branches, reaching out. The sun is rising in the sky which a bright light, birds flying in the sky the birds race.

  17. The vines draped like a current.
    Leaves dropped like bird
    Butterflies flutered away from the river.
    But as fast as a stream the sun came up

  18. Vines dipped to the damp floor.
    Water dived to the cool pools from high above.
    Up above, leaves which were lush and green danced in the breeze.
    Leaves flew to the ground as the trees swayed in the sky.

    hassan and umayr

  19. Water trickled down the rocks like a waterfall which was shiny as a box of crystals.
    Distant creatures whispered as the leaves cracked and crunched.
    Butterflies shone across the sky the cold breezing cold.
    Leaves flickered on to the ground likes rocks bashing.

  20. Buzzing bees fly elegantly to the trees like a floating clouds.vines draped down like water droplets from a mountain.leaves swayed side to side like snakes slithering.Water trickled down the rocks like little dices.

  21. Thunder rumbled like a giants stomach.
    Animals panicked and hid in a soft and dry place like a humangus pillow.
    Soft breezes cover the entire forest like a wind machine.
    Branches were as fragile as an old man.

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