*The Roman Empire*

photo 2Hi 3S, we’ve started learning about the Romans, but can you do your own independent research to find out the answers to the following questions?

What are Roman numerals?

Who did the Romans worship?

Who was important and why?

Can you research some Roman artefacts and write detailed descriptions about them?

What did soldiers wear during battle? How did their clothing/equipment protect them?

Can you research some key events during the Roman Empire? Find out what happened and when.

What else have you found out?

Don’t forget to comment and type the information in your own words.

Have fun!

Miss Bhandal :)


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  1. 2.At first, Romans believed in many different gods and goddesses. These gods were like people, but with magical powers. The Roman gods were part of a family. People told stories or myths about them. Each god or goddess looked after different people or things.

  2. 1. Roman numerals are numbers but they are not same like our for an example 1,11,111,1V,V,V1,V11,V111,1X,X.
    2. They believed in Apollo,Cupid,Dina,Jupiter,Mars,Mecury Nepture.

  3. Roman Empire:

    1) Roman Numerals are set of numbers, that contain letters in them.
    2) Romans gods are named afters there planets.
    3) This brought the romans good luck and they taught it will keep them safe.
    4) The roman soldiers had armour that protected them against sharp swords and arrow. they also had to have sandals when they went into battle.

  4. The numerals are like symbols. They wordship the gods for example:Apollo, Cupid,
    Diana,Jupiter,Mars,Mercury,Minerva,Neptune,Venus. The empire is the importantest because he decides who dies and who can stay alive.
    The Roman helmet:
    The Roman helmet is a helmet which is not just normal it is for protection.

  5. 1. Roman numerals are a combination from the latin alphabet. For example |,||,|||,|V,V,V|,V||,V|||,|X,X this is one to ten. The Roman numeral system is a cousin of the Ecrustan numerals

    • 2.Roman gods are named after planets. Some of the gods are Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Juno,Venus,Minerva,Neptune,Diana,Cruses,Vulcan,Bacchus,Vesta.Sutran: He was once king of gods but then his son Jupiter took his place. Then he was god of seed sowing.Juno: She was Jupiter’s wife. She looked after women.Mars: He was god of war,although orriganly god of farming.Neptune: He was Jupiter’s brother. He was god of sea. Venus: she was godess of love.she was lover of Mars.

  6. 1.what are romans numeral?
    The roman’s numerals,as far aswe know,was the only written numbering systum used in ancient rome and Europe until about 900 Ad when the Arabic numbering systum ,which was originated by the hindu’s came into use.
    2.Who did the romans worship?
    The romans believed in many gods and goddesses.Some of our months are named after romans gods.Roman families had there own god or goddess.they have a special place in the house where they place wine or presents for their god.

  7. We made it by drawing a dolphin then made small squares then cut out coulourd pieces of paper like purple,green,pink,yellow,red and orange.then we stuck it in the squares.

    We made it because Romans had it in there house.

  8. The Romans had a shield and a sword.

    They wore a shield on there heads also they wore also they wore shoes. ( A BIT LIKE SANDALS) also they had a sword to fight the battle.

    There clothing and equipment protected them because there clothes wore really good and if they get hurt it wouldn’t harm them also there swords were really sharp.

    By yousaf 3s

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