The Rule of Law – 6R

Day 2 – Today in Year 6 Red, we learnt about ‘The Rule of Law’. 

We looked at what this means and discussed what life in Britain would be like with no rules.

Can you add your thoughts to this blog, What would our lives be like here in Britain, without any rules? 

Why are rules important and how do these impact on our lives? 

17 thoughts on “The Rule of Law – 6R

  1. Without these vital rules, England will be a chaotic country with no law, no consequences and no equality. In addition, this democratic society will tear apart and freedom and respect will be absent therefore racial abuse and problems will occur more.

  2. Without the rule of law we would live in a world of chaos. We already have such people who kidnap children and kill them or rape. We need this rule so we all live in peace and harmony. No matter what skin colour,hair colour,or money we should all be respected.

  3. The rule of law is that individuals, persons and government shall submit to, obey and be regulated by law, and not to commit action of violence and crime to people or to property. Life without rules will make Britain a very dangerous place with no police, security which will conclude to murders, thefts and destruction. Britain citizens will not be living in democracy and led by dictatorship.

    By Baldeep and Hannan

  4. It would be ‘hell’ because people who carry out inappropriate things of children can come and take them whenever they want such as walking 🚶🏻 home 🏡 by there selves and put them at the back of the car then abuse them in different ways then after kill them and bury them even when they abuse them sometimes they bury them alive.Also this happens boys and girls when cruel horrible people do this to people it is not right when we grow older hopefully without the rules it will bring bad memories of happening to us and our family and friends,without these rules we would all be 💀.

    Sam’s paragraph:
    Without laws anarchists would run riot and cause chaos. Also,terrorism groups (ISIS, the KKK, etc.) would have more influence around the world. People would be able to do anything they wanted. They would be able to get away with murder ,burglary and other unspeakable acts. It is disturbing to think about what people could get away without law. People could even wipe out a race of people if they wanted to. In short, I am thankful that laws have been put into place

  5. If there were no rules in Britain,life would be chaos. People would do whatever they liked because there would be no rules to restrain them from doing things such as dictating people what to do. There would be fire everywhere and children and adults would have nowhere to live.
    However,Britain is a country which has laws where everyone is treated equally,no matter what type of skin colour you have. This means Britain is a prosperous country where everything is respected.
    By Mihir and Bilal

  6. Without the rule of law, a crazy and unpredictable world will emerge and it would be considered extremely dangerous to walk outside your house. Numbers of murder and theft would rise dramatically and absolutely nothing would be put in place to prevent or punish wrongdoers. Almost everyone would be uneducated as school for children would not be compulsory and most teachers will choose not to work. Nurses and surgeons will not want to work and so many people, innocent or guilty, will die. Brutal torture will be considered normal and the expected age for survival will drop by decades.

    The rule of law is important because it keeps the world in order and protects us all. Countless lives have been saved due to the rule of law and it has prepared us to get a job as there is no other way of getting the essentials to survive. It also entitles us all to free medical attention and education. Without it, life will be utter and absolute chaos.

    By Haris and Mia

  7. Without the rule of law more terrorist attacks would take place. Also more crime scenes would happen in this country. People on the streets might look more suspicious and act in a different way. For e.g.A man comes and attracts you to go to the shop to buy you something but anyways they could of kidnapp you and lock you for like 3 years or more,you could starve or get beaten up.
    We are very thankful for all the police caring for us all!

  8. We are (Monalisa,Isra)
    We think that the rule of law is very important because without rules the world can be very dangerous because the people will attack other people’s religion and they can die because of that.Rules are important because they help us when we are in danger.Rules help us when th police are not here. If they were no rules they will be chaoes around the world.Our live without rules will be threatening.Our live with rules can be very nice.

  9. Britain without the rule of law would be terrible. The reason why this would be terrible because Britain is led by strict laws so without them people would be comiting crimes.
    By Zade

    Britain without the rule of law wouldn’t be a good place as people would have the rights do to whatever they want such as steal,kill,destroy etc…
    Rules are important because we respect each other and care for everyone even though we are not the same religion, skin colour, clothes, or language we are all the same and are treated the same.
    By Anna

  10. If there was no law,people would pass boundaries all the time and not respect each other.Rules are important because we have to follow certain boundaries and it impacts on our lives.Rules are important because it impacts on everyone’s lives.No law means if someone commits a crime,nobody will be guilty.The world will be corrupt as crimes will be committed and we won’t be able to provide stationary for education and medical services. By Ahlam,Tiya and Omio

  11. If there wasn’t The Rule of Law, we were dead because there wasn’t POLICE so they can sort us out . But there is The Rule of Law we are protected so we can live in peace and quiet and with out scared they would kill us .

    The Rule of Law is important for many reasons like to have harmony.However,the main reason is so we are safe.Safety is important and to stop people to do illegal things.Most people follow this so they can be safe and have educated but some people (when they grow up) don’t follow this rule and cause disasters.If there was no rules their would be big disasters.
    By Linda

  12. We(Syed and Dylan) believe that without the rule of law there wil number of cases of crime, also if there were several misdemeanours, the world will be full of war and hatred. Without rule of law, children and adults will be harmed/killed mercilessly by people full of detestation.

  13. Without any rules Britian will be a place where illegal crimes would be taken place.Also an example to give is child kidnapping.This would possibly happen when a child is walking on the street alone.This can be really sad and affectionate towards parents.In addition there could be a group of people offering a sweet which might not be good for you.

  14. If there were no rules then someone could have committed a crime they would carry on because there would not be a consequence.
    If there were no rules then there would be less people because of the rules people would’nt feel safe.

  15. The most important British value to me is unity. An example of this was during the Manchester terror attack. After the attack the taxis drivers had saw people terrified so they worked as a team even though some of them had the same religion as the attacker but they still made sure people got home safe or to emergency services. Later on , hotel owners had let some lost children stay there until they had found their parents . This shows that during troubled times British people with different faiths will pull together and unite to care for one another.

    From Alishba Khan

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