The Secret Room!

1E have been reading ‘The Secret Room’ in literacy. This week we have been planning our own story based on this.

We have done lots of fantastic work developing wow words and story ideas. Some of us went on a walk around the school and imagined what it would be like if we found a secret room at school! It was very exciting, watch the video below to join us on our adventure.


What words do we use if we want to describe something?

Can you think of 5 of these to describe our school and the secret room you wrote about in your story?

5 thoughts on “The Secret Room!

  1. 1.The school is gignactic in size.
    2. My school is very beautiful.
    3. My school is very colourful.
    4.The secret room is very dark
    5. Our secret room is very magical.

  2. 1. The school is very big and huge.
    2.I like the school because I have fun playing.
    3.The secret room is dark and amazing.
    4.There was gold wallpaper in the secret room
    5.The school is colorful with red, yellow, blue doors.

  3. 1. The school is very big and it’s fun.
    2. I like going to the amazing playground because we can do tricks on the climbing frames. It feels like we are in a fun park.
    3.The secret room is dark.
    4.There was a small doll house and a white blanket on top.
    5.In school we have red chairs and red tables.

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