The secret room…

Next week in Literacy we are going to be reading an exciting story called ‘The Secret Room’. To get us thinking and ready for our learning I would like you to use your imagination….

Below is a picture of a ‘secret room’.


What do you think could be in there?

How will it feel in there?

How big is the room?

Do you think you will find anybody else in there?

Post your answers on the blog or write them on paper to share with the rest of the class next week…

11 thoughts on “The secret room…

  1. Hello Rishima, 1S here. We all with you the best of luck in your new school and hop you have made some wonderful friends.
    Me and Mrs Patel miss you lots and want you to be happy in your new school. Good luck. 1S

  2. I think it may be some ghost.
    Very scary can be in there.
    I think that the room can be little bit small or big.
    I think there is Floppy, Chip, Biff, Kipper, Dad and Mum.

  3. Mr. Stevenson & Mrs. Patel,
    I am missing your class a lot, thank you very much for caring me and teaching us so nicely.

    I am missing all my friends as well, specially Safa a lot.

  4. I think there could be more books in there, on book shelves. I think there could be people in there, hiding. It is a very big room, that will be very warm. It would be exciting to see what is in there, and who is hiding in there. I think it could be Pirates hiding in there, or Biff and Chip and their parents.

    • Dylan, I loved your comment, how great would it be to join Kipper, Biff and Chip on their magical adventures…maybe in the secret room there is a magic key that takes you on an adventure! How amazing would that be!.

  5. I think in the secret room there is a magical lamp that will automatically turn on and it will take us on a adventure. It will feel scary and exciting.
    It is a big room and only special people can go.

    • Like you said Muhammed, the special room is for special people, who do you think deserves to go into this magical room?, I think you do because you wrote brilliant sentences and you used adjectives to describe the room. Well done….you are definitely rocketing to success!.

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