The star of Jonathan Stroud’s new book?!

Year 6 enjoyed an afternoon at Sidney Stringer with Jonathan Stroud! The children heard how the best-selling author had written his first “book” aged 8 and his first published novel aged 29! 

Kaiden D was chosen from the audience to dress up as a character from Jonathan’s new novel and he certainly wowed the audience with his dramatic skills! 

Jonathan’s biggest piece of advice to improve English skills was to read, read and read! We are looking forward to filled reading journals, Year 6!

14 responses to “The star of Jonathan Stroud’s new book?!”

  1. Fatima Sheikh Naz

    Kayden,you were good

  2. Sahrah Khan

    I also really liked his books and the trailer.His books are full of fantasy.

  3. Sahrah Khan

    Wow Kaiden D was really funny😂

  4. Elyass Daud

    Kaiden, you were so hilarious I would have died of laughter, there and then. The trailer made me really frightened as I do not like scary thing, AT ALL.

  5. Inaaya Khan

    OMG KAIDEN D!!!!!!!!!! well done on that fantastic performance, but i still dont see you commenting on this blog(UR FAMOUS BLOG!!)
    I really enjoyed the trailer but i got a little frightened;) I also enjoyed his stories and when he was a 8 you could tell that he was going to be a writer as he was a good drawer and story teller.

  6. Head Teacher

    Glad BH gained!

  7. Louis Sanders

    Ten out of Ten on your act!It was amazing at Sidney Stringer, getting to meet Jonathan Stroud and asking him a bunch of questions there!Kaiden, you are the Star of his new book!

  8. Miss Starkey

    Wow it sounds like you all had an amazing day yesterday! I wish I had been there to see it! Kaiden- I have heard all about your amazing acting skills- well done! I have read all of the short stories you have produced in English and I know every single one of you has the talent and ability to become a successful writer like Jonathan Stroud! As Jonathan said, keep up your daily reading and I can’t wait to read your future work! :)

  9. Kayden-Shai Roberts

    Kaiden was really funny 😂 Jonathan Strouds trailer was really scary and his books are fantastic

  10. Nabeel Ahmed

    I had a great time

  11. Abir Hussain

    I’m sure all of us enjoyed this event

  12. Usman Khan

    I really enjoyed his genre of books which is horror and I rearlly enjoyed his use of adjectives.I also like that his books are not like your average book and it has a great sense of human in this book.

  13. Martins Camara

    Well done Bh it was tonne of fun.Kaiden D your funny.

  14. Hanna Khan

    It was so fun to go to Sidney Stringer and meet Jonathan Stroud.😊

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