The Tudors

4A historians!
You have been working really hard this term learning lots of brilliant historical facts about the Tudors!



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I would like you to share this learning through creating a piece of work.

Create a fact file or information text to present information about the Tudors.

To create a informative poster or newspaper article

Information to include;

King Henry VIII and his wives
Spanish Armada (include maps)
Tudor Monarchy
Battle of Bosworth

Use your Creative Minds to Create Magic.

Presentation, spelling and grammar should be perfect! :)

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  1. Cathrine of Aragon married to prince Arther at 14 November 1501 in st.paul,s cathedral. marriage henry 8th dissolved.1
    Anne Boleyn married to henry the 8th 25th January 1533 probably at The Palace of Whitehall .2
    Jame Seymour died at 24 October 1537 Hampton court Palace married king henry 8th 30th may 1536 .
    Anne of Cleve: 16 July 1557 Chelsea Manor,London.
    marriage to Henry 8th dissolved July 1540. Kathryn Howard married to king henry 8th:28 July 1540 at Oatlands Palace

  2. Jane Seymour
    Born: 1508 or 1509 posible to be at wolf hall,wiltshire.
    Married to king henry VII: At 30 may 15 1536 at whitehall closet ,whitehall palace.
    Died: 24 october 1537 at hampton court palace.
    Burried: 13 november 1537 st George chapel,windsor castle.

  3. Gold
    The Tudors

    King Henry VIII had six wives because he wanted a male heir to rule after him. His wives were Catherine of Aragon,Catherine Howard,Anne Boleyn,Anne of Cleaves,Katherine Parr and Jane Seymour. Only Jane Seymour gave King Henry VIII a son.

    The Spanish Armada was a fleet of 130 ships going to attack England. It all started when Francis Drake(an explorer of Queen Elizabeth I) saw the ships and fired them all.Soon the fight was over and Queen Elizabeth had won. The path the Spanish took was through the English Channel and all the way round England.

    The Battle of Bosworth was a war against Richard III and King Henry VIII about who gets the English throne and when the war ended,King Henry VIII won. This happened in August 1485.

  4. Henry VIII had six very different wives, he had two of them beheaded (Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard), two he divorced (Anne of cleaves and Katherine of Aragon),one died naturally (Jane Seymour)and one survived( Katheryn Parr).

  5. Henry divorced two of his wives (Catherine of Aragon and Anne of Cleves), he had two of his wives executed (Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard) and one of his wives (Jane Seymour) died shortly after childbirth. His last wife (Catherine Parr) outlived him.

  6. The King Henry has 6 wives
    Henry VIII was King of England.
    Henry VIII the first wive was Catherin of Aragon second wive was Anne Boleyn then was Jane Seyinour then was Anne of Cleves then was Catherin Howard and last wive was Catherin parr. King Henry wanted make England stron then he wanted he son is after hem are king.King henry son name was Edward VI.

  7. Henry 6 wives

    Henry had 6 wives.At first it was Catherine of
    Aragon.Catherine had a girl but Henry divored
    because he wanted a male to rule after him when
    he past away .

  8. Henry Tudor became King Henry Vll of England and Wales after defeating Richard lll at the Battle of Bosworth in August 1485.The Tudors believed that too much blood was bad for the body and this in itself caused illnesses. Therefore, if blood was let from the body, the patient’s illnesses would also go. Some ‘doctors’ used leeches to complete the task while others simply cut a vein.

    The king with six wives
    King Henry Vll wanted to divorce Catherine of Argon because she gave birth to a girl but King Henry Vll wanted a boy so he could
    replace him after his death.In the Tudor times it was bad to divorce and the pope makes the laws so King Henry Vll fired the pope because the pope didn’t let King Henry Vll have a divorce and
    executed Catherine of Argon.

  9. Henry V||| Wives
    Henry was king of England which had six wives. First of all Henry married Catherine of Aragon but Henry had to divorced Catherine of Aragon because Catherine of Aragon had a child which was a girl and Henry wanted a male air so when king henry dies the male air could replace king henry.

  10. Henry VIII six wives

    Firstly Henry VIII married Catherine of Aragon but then divorced her because Catherine gave birth to a girl who was going to become a queen when she gets older. However, Henry didn’t want a female.He wanted a male heir so when Henry passed away, the male heir could replace Henry.

    By Shabnam

  11. Henry VIII wives

    Henry the VIII had 6 wives at first he had Catherine of Aragon but henry the VIII divorced her because she had a girl But henry wanted a male air so when he dies the male air could take his place as king.But sadly he died as well.

  12. The king with six wives
    Henry was the King of England who had six wives. But Henry did lots of other things besides marrying six times. He wanted to make England strong. Most of all, he wanted a son to be king after him.

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