The Walrus and the Carpenter Poems

Hi year 5. As many of you did such a super job of you poetry today, we have decided to give you the chance to show off your skills on the blog!! Beneath you will find the first 2 stanzas from the poem, your task is to continue the stanzas with your own interpretations of the poem!! You will probably want to write about 3 stanzas. Remember to include the features of the poem;






You may wish to include a rhyme scheme in your poem and remember to start a new line with a new phrase… You will also find at the bottom of this blog a few pictures of today’s activities to jog your memory.


The Walrus and the Carpenter:

The sun was shining on the sea,

Shining with all high might:

He did his very best to make

The billows smooth and bright–

 And this was odd, because it was

The middle of the night.

The moon was shining sulkily,

Because she thought the sun

had got no business to be there

After the day was done–

“It’s very rude of him,: she said,

“To come and spoil the fun!”

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18 thoughts on “The Walrus and the Carpenter Poems

  1. “That’s not true”said the sun,
    “Why do you always come and spoil the fun?”
    With that the moon left,
    “Please don’t go”said the sun,
    “Let’s be together and have some fun.”
    The fun begun.

    All along the very night,
    The moon and sun shone with all their might,
    They did there very best to make the billows smooth and bright,
    Even though it was the middle of the night.
    The sun didn’t mind all.
    Although he wanted to play Basket-ball.

    The very next day,
    The sun went home and drank cofee that was on a tray,
    After a while,he started to play,
    The moon wanted to help the sun today,
    “Okay”said the sun.
    So they went together and had some fun.

  2. The sun was as hot as fire,
    It wanted to go to the beach,
    To reach,
    “Tuff luck”said the moon,
    “How will you go there”
    “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”

    “Where are you?
    Where, where
    Let me not worry
    Let me eat curry
    I’m lonely and lovely
    And why am I”

  3. The moon couldn’t go left,
    she can’t go right.
    the only thing she could do is,
    drop down and die.
    The moon want to sake hands,
    the sun don’t.

    Your a stupid sun,
    NO, your a mischievous moon.
    I have a brain like a human,
    NO, you have a brain like an ant.
    you don’t know your 2x table,
    So what is 2×2?.

    The moon was sinning sulkily,
    The sun has a grin on his face.
    Shall we have a deal?
    Shall we have a meal?
    you go to space,
    I go to Spain.

    • Its very rude of him she said
      To come and disturb my beauty sleep
      All mr moon did was fight fight fight fight
      It was all that could happen
      Then the sun and moon became the bestest of friends
      Did anything together

      One day the moon was out of temper and bashed the moon
      Next criticising happened like
      Your crazier than a lost dog
      Moon went came back with massive muscles bigger than a human face

      This all left marks of terror!

  4. The sun was finally with peace
    boom! The peace was gone
    oh moon
    come back soon
    you know your crazy
    like a mad clown
    cried the sun

    I’m big
    your a pig
    called the moon
    The fight began
    Bang! crash! ouch!
    I hate you
    I will never date you

    The sun ran way as fast as a cheetah
    with tears in his eyes
    he cried with sadness in his heart
    I wish I was like you
    with eyes of fire
    I try to love you
    but you never love me cried the sun wheeh!

    why would I love you
    your about two
    who cares we can be friends
    said the sun
    I cry in the night
    because of you
    why are you like this huh ?

    okay we will be friend
    0f they went
    to the very end
    to stay and play

  5. “It was very rude of him” she said
    “To come and spoil the fun!”

    He’s right,
    She’s to bright,
    Maybe she should walk away,
    Nothing to do,
    Flying away,
    Walking away.

    Time for her to shine,
    She go to stand in the line,
    Next to the pines,
    Maybe he would let her shine,
    But she needs to stand in the line,
    Calling her from the sky.

    Maybe he should ask her to play,
    Don’t go away,
    Come stay,
    Let’s play,
    Don’t be shy,
    Don’t make me cry!

  6. The next morning
    while the sun was stil snoring
    the moon ran away
    with one thing to say
    “why is he taking my turn!
    it is not even the day.”

    When the moon woke up
    he drank tea from a cup
    He looked for the moon
    until the afternoon
    “where is she gone.
    I’m not having much fun.”

    The moon came back
    with his bag and his sack.
    she said sorry to the sun
    and said that he didn’t have much fun
    “i am happier to be with you.
    I hope the argument is done.”

  7. The sun was as mad as lighting,
    Why are you being stupid? ,
    Why are you crazy like a mad dog?,
    It ‘s not a big deal,
    That i am cooler than you,
    I will show you what you look like,
    A stupid pig.

    The moon was as angry as fire,
    I will show you a face,
    OH wait and see,
    What i have in store for you his week,
    As ugly as a human,
    As ugly as a dog,
    That’s how ugly you are in life.


  8. “It’s very rood of him “she said ,
    “To come and spoil the fun”
    ” I’ve got a bigger brain then you” said the moon,
    “So what ” said the sun ” you look like a baboon”,
    ” flush” the sun threw yellow paint over the moon,
    I’ll get you next time just wait sun”

  9. ‘It’s very rude of him,’ she said
    ‘to come and spoil the fun.’
    ‘You are so crazy that you are a mad dog in the sky’
    ‘Well your brain is a tiny tinier than a pea at night
    with a light as your eyes that make you blind and you have to use
    a wheel chair to walk like an old granny.

    Then the moon ran ran with all his might
    while trying to make the billows smooth and bright
    but the problem was that it was the middle of the gloomy night.
    The earth was wondering’why is the sun running and making the billows bright at the middle of the night.

    The sun was turning purple as if she was a plum about to be eaten.

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