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The Weather – Year 5

Year 5 have started to learn the new vocabulary linked to the different types of weather.

In this video, see how they got on.


Can you spot any mistakes?

What type of weather is your favourite?

Write a simple sentence in Spanish to say which weather conditions you like.

5 thoughts on “The Weather – Year 5

  1. The mistake was when Umar said hace calor means it’s sunny when it means it’s hot. My favourite weather is buen tiempo. En England hoy buen tiempo.

  2. The mistake that this group made was when they said hace calor they said it means sunny but it actually means hot. My favourite weather is hace sol.

    Mi clima favorito es tener sol porque hace sol.

  3. The mitake was when one of them said hace calor means ‘It’s sunny’ but it actually means ‘It’s hot. My favourite type of weather is sunny. Mi tipo favorito de clima es soleado.

  4. One of the mistakes is that they said hace calor means sunny but it means hot.MY favourite weather is hace sol or its sunny.Mi clima favorito es caluroso, soleado y lluvioso.

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