Therapeutic Tuesday!

As part of health week, Year 6 went on a visit to Coventry Market! Yesterday the children were instructed to research and design their very own healthy smoothies. Today the children were given the opportunity to visit the market and purchase their fruit for their smoothies. It was definitely a valuable learning experience as the children were given the opportunity to make price comparisons and negotiate prices with the market stall owners. Their mathematical skills were put to the test as they had a budget of £2.00 for their group! Decisions had to be made and negotiations took place between groups to swap surplus ingredients amongst themselves. This ensured that all the groups would have the required ingredients for their smoothies. Tomorrow Year 6 will be given the opportunity to make their smoothies …… we can’t wait to taste them.

Focusing on mindfulness, the children explored what ‘mindfulness’ is as a concept and decided to use their creativity and IT skills to develop a mindfulness animation clip. This focused on symbolism, language and personal experiences! Have a look at their wonderful animations below!

In the afternoon Year 6 parents were invited to join their children for a session of P.E. The parents were not informed of what they would be doing as we wanted to surprise them! Mr Rawlings greeted the parents and took them onto the muga and this is where it was announced that they would be competing in a dodge ball tournament! The children were extremely excited and the adults were overjoyed. The class was split into four teams and the parents joined their children (Hishaam’s mum, Kiyan’s mum and Anis’s dad). As the tournament progressed so did the competitiveness of the individual teams. It was thrilling to see the parents participate in the tournament and the children enjoyed playing alongside them. A massive thank you to those parents who attended, it was a privilege watching you take part in the tournament!

We hope you all had a therapeutic day and did wonders for your well-being!


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  2. I really enjoyed yesterday it was really fun when we went to food market and it was the most and enjoy full part was when we played dodgeball with the children’s parents.

  3. Honestly this was a nice and fun calm day children had fun and so did I so I wanna give a big thanks to all the teachers how made this day possible and thanks mrs Frankish