Read the book:


Now answer these questions.
1. How was Theseus feeling at the beginning of the story? How do you know?
2. Do you think the King of Athens was worried about Theseus going to kill the Minotaur. Why/why not?
3. How do you think Theseus was feeling just before he entered the maze. Why do you think this?
4. How do you think Ariadne felt about Theseus? What did she do that makes you think this?
5. Why was Theseus so angry when he faced the Minotaur?
6. How do you think Ariadne would have felt when she realised that Theseus had left her behind? Why would she feel this way?
7. At the end Theseus says “From now on, I shall never do anything rash or foolhardy again”. Why do you think he made this promise?

10 thoughts on “Theseus

  1. 1. Frustrated because 7 women and 7 men go to king Minos palace also get eaten by the minatour that is 14 people getting eaten by the minatour. 2. Yes because Theseus might get eaten up by the minatour. 3. Terrified because it was very dark he couldn’t see where he was going so he might get lost.4.In love because she said to Theseus we will be married.5.Because the minatour been eating up women and men so people. 6. Lonely and upset because if someone left you at an island you will feel lonely also upset.7. Because he left Arainde at an island.

  2. 1. I think he was feeling angry because it said angry .
    2. He was not worried because he feeds the Minotaur’s humans.
    3. He was feeling worried because it was dark and scary but there was a ugly monster inside.
    4. She felt to marry him because and she told him I want you to marry me.
    5. He was feeling terrifying because he ate loads of humans.
    6. She felt terrifying because she was feeling angry.
    7. I think he made this promise because he rushed home and forgot to put the right sail up and his father jumped to his death.

  3. (1)I think Theseus was very angry towards the king of Crete, because the was feeding 7 young men and women to his monster minotaur. Theseus felt he had to help the king of Athens and the people.
    (2)The king of Athens was worried because Theseus was not very clever and he might get hurt in the battle against the minotaur, and also he might get lost in the castle maze.
    (3)Theseus feeling scared about the battle with minotaur as he never went to battle before. But he was very brave to faces the big ugly monster.
    (4)Ariadne told Theseus she wanted to marry him. She was really scared, and also she may not see him again and tried to stop him going.
    (5)Theseus was so angry because the monster killed so many of his people. By getting rid of this monster it will save everyone.
    (6)I think she was feeling sad, lonely, upset, heartbroken, worried and terrified. She was in love with him and didn’t want anything to happen to him.
    (7)When he was sailing back after the battle. He stopped and changed the flag. But forget to put the sail his father wanted. As his father saw the ship return, he taught his son was dead and the king killed himself. As Theseus realised his mistake he promised he would not do it again.

  4. Theseus was worried beacause the nasty king is taking his people.yes because he is his son.brave beacause he has is sward and wool.

  5. 1.I think he felt brave because he wanted to defeat the Minotaur.

    2.He was not worried because he feeds the Minotaur humans.

    3.He felt worried because it was very dark.

    4.I think she felt happy a bit because she gave him a sword and a ball of string.

    5.I think he felt angry because he ate lodes of humans

    6.I think she felt upset because she is lonely.

    7.I think he made the promise because he rushed home and forgot to put the right sail up and his father jumped to his death.

  6. Take the challenge Year 3! Try to use lots of different ways to explain how Theseus is feeling at different stages of the story, without using ‘happy’ or ‘sad’! Good luck . .

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