This Saturday

Hola Year 6!
Well done on so many of you coming to the extra lessons on Saturdays, this proves that you are committed and want to do well. I am enjoying your company and you are becoming great “conversationalists.” Keep this up and please make sure you are on time and do not arrive before 9;50 am!
See you Saturday!

7 thoughts on “This Saturday

  1. Yes, I really enjoyed the fun we had yesterday. We did history and spelling tests all in one literacy lesson, played maths games as well as learning new skills and techniques and enjoyed doing drama as we got to get into group and act out; I didn’t know showing the best of our abilities could be this fun and energetic. These activities were creative and these specialized teachers motivated us well, well done to the teachers and students!

  2. I really enjoyed the Saturday Tuition Classes.We had three different lessons,which consisted of Maths with Mr Griffin,Drama with Tracey and Reading/English with Mrs Frankish.In the maths lesson we learnt about using compact method while some digits were missing.We also played a game which helped us become even more accurate and efficient.While we were in drama we learnt about a still image.A still image is when you have to do an action,which represents something.In reading we learnt all about retaining information in your head.We also had a spelling test,which we had to call out orally (this made it a little bit harder than writing them down).We learnt a new 18 letter word which was ‘conversationalist’.This word means that someone is skilled at talking and having conversations.
    ~Muryam.K :) :’)

  3. I really enjoyed going to saturday tuition. It was really fun and we get to learn new things. For example, intimate means you’re really close to someone. We did 3 different activities reading, drama and maths.

  4. I really enjoyed Saturday and I will definitely come next time. It was an extremely fun and wonderful day. I liked it when we done the reading with you (you were really funny). I also liked learning new words like Conversationalists.
    It was a really fun day and I am going to come next Saturday!!!!

    Khadira Riaz!! :):)

  5. WOW iT WAS AMAZING.,Everyone enjoyed it we all learnt different things we did dramma reading and maths Thanks to Mrs Frankish Miss Saunders, Graham and everyone else .I can’t wait to come in Saturday again.Keep it up

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