This Week in 3 Blue…

Another super week in 3 Blue! Both myself and Mrs Walker are so proud of your attitudes towards learning. Keep it up superstars! ⭐️

What was your favourite lesson this week? Why?

Tell me three facts that you learnt about David Walliams.

What does the following Maths vocabulary mean?




One thought on “This Week in 3 Blue…

  1. It was English because I had lots of fun looking up facts about David Walliams.
    1. He has 1 child.
    2. He is 49 years old .
    3 He swam the English Chanel and River Thames.
    Denominator means the bottom number and tell us how many groups.
    Numerator means the top number and tells us how many groups be together.
    Equivalent means equal.

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