This Week in 6 Red

We have had a wonderful week in 6 Red. In maths, we used our knowledge of BIDMAS to calculate fractions using four operations. In English, we described two settings and planned a dairy entry written from the perspective of an adult. In Geography, we learnt what an earthquake is and why they occur. In Science, we explored the process of elimination when using dichotomous keys. During art lesson we worked in our teams to begin Jave Yashmito inspired art work.

Which lesson did you enjoy the most? Why?

How did you gain this week?

7 thoughts on “This Week in 6 Red

  1. I loved and enjoyed drawing the pillars and had no fights or arguments and we thought of everything together; working collaboratively as a team. We chose to draw the pillar ‘Ionic’.

  2. I enjoyed English and Art the most this week. This is because in art most of us have learnt and built on our skills of teamwork, resilience and communication. We also had fun in art when drawing. For english I had enjoyed it because I was able to write some sentences that I think were alright about the center of the earth.

    In this week we Iearnt about classification, BIDMAS, The Journey To The Center Of The Earth and Jave Yoshimoto.

    I have built on: My resilience, teamwork, respect, creativity, imagination and communication.

    Have a great weekend Mrs Sharma and Mrs Ahmed and everyone else.

  3. I enjoyed drawing the pillars,I also enjoyed describing the two settings! I have made progress by using personification I have also used powerful sentences.

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