This Week’s Home Learning Photos by 4 White!

Hello 4 White, I hope you are all keeping safe and well at home! I miss all of your smiling faces and I hope that we can learn and laugh together again soon! Many of you have been doing an excellent job with your home learning and I have received lots of wonderful photos of your work! We are very proud. In this strange time it is your photos and messages from home that remind us that it is all worthwhile- so thank you!

Every week I will pin a post at the top of this page where I will share your photos from home. So if you’ve sent in work and want to see how your classmates are getting on, check this blog!

How can I share my work?

Don’t forget, I have set up a padlet page for 4 white! This is a safe space to share images and messages from home. Here you can stay in contact with the rest of 4 White and share what you are doing at home!
Photos and messages can be uploaded directly from your device and once approved by me (I will get a notification on my i-pad) will be instantly shared with the class. Children are able to view and like each other’s posts and post messages for each other to see. I would love hear from all of you on here!
Here are your login details- Try it out!:

Your username is your first name then ‘4W’.
For Example: Name4W
Password: safeandwell

Follow the link or scan the QR Code to Log in:

Check out our class padlet wall!

You can share work by email on our year 4 email address!:

Another great competition entry from Aamina!

Inline image

Archi has been using her exercise ball for her beat the teacher challenge!

Mikolaj has proved to himself that when he focuses hard- he produces great work! Check out his ‘Draw with Rob’ drawings!

I am really enjoying 4 White’s Topic work- very creative!
Monday’s Super Work! Keep it up 4 White!

Alexis has enjoyed the bank holiday weekend celebrating VE Day with her neighbours- both human and canine friends!

Hamaad has really impressed us by linking his maths knowledge to his history learning. He set and answered his own challenge for himself over the weekend- Great job!

Hammad has used historical data to create a pie chart, bar chart and time line!

11 thoughts on “This Week’s Home Learning Photos by 4 White!

  1. Well done Umaiza and Hamaad and to all of those who are completing and sharing their wonderful work! Alexis what a cute dog! I’m glad you had fun on VE day.

    • Have you logged in to the padlet wall Ayomide? Try out your account and see what other wonderful things your friends are doing at home!

    • Yes Ouzair- that is true, my free trial expired! Do you like using the padlet? Would you like me to renew it? If I do I would like to see as many children as possible using it!

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