Three Blue Myths and Legends – Descriptive Language

Year Three have had a fantastic time studying ‘Myths And Legends’ in Literacy this half term. They have learnt lots about the features of a myth, and have focused this week on mythical creatures. Yesterday, they created their own mythical beasts using both ideas from existing beasts and their own imaginations! I think they look pretty good, don’t you?

Today, the Red table have been asked to produce a description of their beast using adjectives, similes and prepositions. Try and make these as powerful as you can! Don’t forget to read through your work to make sure it makes sense!

LO: To use descriptive language to describe a mythical beast using ICT.


7 thoughts on “Three Blue Myths and Legends – Descriptive Language

  1. My mythical beast is called Heatblast and he smells like a fire.He has fire instead of hair and has fire on hand to!He is as scary as a monster ghost.He can turn people to fire monster & kill’s them in seconds.He live’s on a bull’s heart, in a terrible cave with hot glowing gases

  2. My mythical beast is called Hecrena and she smells as dirty as a dust bin.
    Hecrena has claws as sharp as daggers and lives in a cave in a place called mistaven and her cave has magic potions that can turn people into her terrible slaves.
    She is very mean and kills anyone who troubles her.

  3. Dovincha,s legs are as colourful as a rainbow and her toe nails a as sharp as deadly knives. Her superpower is that she can control other people or beasts mind,s. She smells like death and her tail is massive and pointy . On her horns their are little peice,s of fire that never go out .in her hair their is a poison ivy flower its bright purple it makes you faint and when you faint a little evil grin appeas on her beautiful face .she is monstrous and rude

  4. My mythical beast smells as dirty as a dustbin.
    Here name is called Crikker-shok which is a very creepy name.
    She has glowing eyes that are blood shot.
    Crikker-shok has thorns and spikes around here enormous body.

  5. Laguna has red cheeks that are bleeding like somebody just cut them with a sharp nife without even asking! Her claws are as sharp as deadly and sharp daggers😱. Instead of hair she has green snakes put into two ponytails that rap people around there neck and the strangle them so that then she can eat them!!! She is half pony half Medusa and half angel. Her eyelashes are as green as a leaf because they are leafs. Her shoes are as gold as a gold coin😀.😃.

  6. My mythical beast reaks like he’s never had a shower, let alone shower he doesn’t know what a shower is !!!His name is drolgos bear and he’s quarter bear,quarter snake,quarter lion,and quarter dragon.He is found in the top of the sky and comes every 10 milanioms !! His power is he shoots fire out of his mouth and absorbs other mythical beasts power.

  7. My monsters name is misyno.
    He can strangle people in his slivery legs there like jelly and he can control people’s mind.He is very strong and inteligent.

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