Three White Myths and Legends – Descriptive Language

Year Three have had a fantastic time studying ‘Myths And Legends‘ in Literacy this half term. They have learnt lots about the features of a myth, and have focused this week on mythical creatures. Yesterday, they created their own mythical beasts using both ideas from existing beasts and their own imaginations! I think they look pretty good, don’t you?

Today, the Red table have been asked to produce a description of their beast using adjectives, similes and prepositions. Try and make these as powerful as you can! Don’t forget to read through your work to make sure it makes sense!

LO: To use descriptive language to describe a mythical beast using ICT.

7 thoughts on “Three White Myths and Legends – Descriptive Language

  1. It smells because it doesn’t have a bath.on top of the head he has thik horns as a tree.the best’s powers were that it could brith fire. It looks like a beast you will think never would live it looks so cripy and angry that it will never stop chasing you until it gets tiered if it doesn’t get tired it would eat you and there would be bones every were in the ground.

  2. He had deadly sharp toe nailslike knifes.His power is if some body looks in his eyes they change into slime. He smells like a bin. His name is Binboy.He runed like rapid fire.

    He walks like a turtle and he had two brothers that pretkt him. He fells like slime.

  3. On top of my half cat half flying horse is her sharp white horn like a pencil.👼She has a gold and shiny round thing on her neck.When she is whereing it she is good but when she is not whereing she is bad.💫💫Her power is breathing fire.

    The scary terrifying beast smells like strawberries perfume.When people smell her they get food for her because she smells so nice.She loves going on people ‘s street because they give her treats.👑🍗🍟

  4. This monstrous beast get to places by being slie as a fox and gose as fast as a cheeter.this evil creatur has the power of throwing enormous hot fire as hot as the sun.If this venomous evil creater thoches you you die instantly!Also this horrifying beasly creater is made from a vampire,alien and a lion.this monster name is venomous viper.his teeth is as shap as a deadly knife.this creater only coms out when it is as dark as space.

  5. The animals teeth was as sharp as a sharks teeth the wolf body has fullufy as an kittin and it can run as fast as an cheter it powers is to eat enything that comes but if the object doges then they flick venom and you can’t doge the venom the monsters smells so bad that if somewhone smells him then they died instantly .

  6. She smelt like mud and carrots her tail bouny like a bouny castle she shakes the groud with her giant feet and her name is called Lady-hoppers she is good at fighting villains she throws carrots at villains.

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