Thursday 14th May: Year 5 Home Learning: English

Good Morning Year 5.
Your task today is to write a non-chronological report on purple mash about nocturnal animals.
1) Read through the slides.
2) Log on to purple mash, use the writing frame.
3) Use the websites I have listed to help you with your research. Remember to use the key vocabulary and try and show us a life cycle too!
4) Save your report to your classes “Nocturnal Animal” folder.
5) Handwriting.


86 thoughts on “Thursday 14th May: Year 5 Home Learning: English

  1. I have done all the tasks in my homework book and i have saved my purple mash work to the file Nocturnal animals .
    Sentence :
    The donuts in the store were delicious because of the icing .

  2. English homework.

    I have completed my purple mash homework, and have done my handwriting in my book as well..

    My sentence is

    Sergio Ramos, was nasty and vicious in tackling the ball from Mohammed Salah.

    • Wonderful Aboubakar! Please can you post a sentence on the blog using of the words from the spellings. I will check your your work on Purple Mash and mark it. Could you also complete my blog that I have set please. Thank you.

    • Lovely, Luqman. Well done. Post a sentence with one of the words from the spellings . I will now check your Purple Mash task. Also please complete my blogs. Thank you.

  3. I have completed the purple mash task and I have completed the handwriting task.
    My sentence is:
    I saw a man across the road he looked suspicious .

    • Great to hear that you have researched information about nocturnal animals Rehan. What is it that you do not understand? Let me know so that I can help. You could explain what a nocturnal animal is. You could give examples of nocturmal animals. Please complete this task. You also need to complete my Maths blog. Thank you Rehan.

    • Well done Hanif , I can see your Purple Mash work. Please send your handwriting work to us. I will add to your work gallery on our class blog.

    • Hi Zoya, log into Purple Mash go on 2DO’s, scroll down it is about 11th down the list. You will find it is called Information about nocturnal animals. Please complete using the information from your research. Thank you.

  4. Hw:
    Vicious vicious vicious vicious vicious vicious vicious vicious vicious
    My brothers can sometimes be VICIOUS because they pull out my hair 😭.
    I’m doing purple mash.

    • Hope to see your work Adela. Looking forward to it.
      You have been producing some lovely work, keep it up!
      It is nice to see your handwriting improve. Please can you write one of your sentences in the comments, using one of the words from today’s handwriting. Thank you!

    • Hi Haniah. Hope your well. Research information about nocturnal animals by clicking on the links of websites Miss Cochrane has posted above. Using the information log into Purple Mash and use the information to write a non- chronological report. Please make sure you save your work in the ‘Nocturnal Animal folder’.
      The next task is practise your handwriting using the spellings above. You use one of the words from the spellings and write a sentence of your own. Hope this helps Haniah. Let me know how you get on.

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