Thursday 24th June- Year 3 English Home Learning

Hi Year 3,

To use paragraphs

Watch the video below and complete the two tasks.

Task 1

Complete the task set on Education City. It is set under homework and is named paragraphs.


Watch the story of Paddington at the Palace below. Retell the story using paragraphs. DO NOT COPY THE STORY!

Upload your challenge work here.


  1. At a bright sunny morning Paddington and Gruber was going the the queens palace and Paddington waved his flag and he saw someone at the window Paddington thought did the queen look at the window but then they went to the gate and saw a band because. Paddington was so small he found not see a single thing! All he saw was people faces but he Could not see a single thing that is ended! But then Gruber wanted to get a picture with the guards but he couldn’t. We the police said I will allow you to take a picture.

  2. One morning Paddington and mister Gruber where going to see the guarded at Buckingham palce. when they arrived at the royal park there were flowers blooming the flowers look beautiful maybe I should take some for the Queen I don’t think you can because they are the Queenes. If you do take a pic for your scrap book they arrived to the palce Paddington couldn’t see there was only a few people the guar d told Paddington you can come and he took a photo

  3. One suny Mr.Gruber took Paddington to London on a sight seeing bus .When they went of the bus they went to the Queens front yard when they went there Paddington said I can pick up flowers for the Queen then Mr.Gruber said STOP and then Paddington stopped immediately.He said why , Mr Gruber replied because it is the Queens front yard.
    Then they walk along to Buckingham Palace gate were the Queen lives,the guards behind the gates were marching along the path every hour and the crowd was building up .
    Next Paddington couldn’t see the gards marching along the path so Mr . Gruber bought Paddington a telescope to see the gards marching and then Paddington could see some other people faces so he crawled through everyone’s legs by the time we got there ,the gards past by but the gates open so the police can go in.The crowd was gone by the time but Paddington and Mr Gruber made a photo for Paddington photo album.
    So he thought he saw the Queen in a window so he waved his Union Jack flag at her.

  4. It was a warm quiet morning and Paddington and mr grueber we’re visiting Buckingham palace. They made sure they sat at the front fonthe bus to see as many of London’s attractions as they could. Paddington and Mr gruwber got off the bus and walked through the park and some flowers caught Paddingtons attention “no you mustn’t pick them “ said Mr gruwber it’s against the law. “All the flowers in this park are owned by the queen” Mr Gruber took a picture for Paddingtons scrap book. There was a flag and it meant end Queen was home. Me Gruber bought Paddington a periscope and told him to look through the bottom end you will see over peoples heads. Paddington crawled through the crowd and by time he reached the front all the guards were gone and Paddington didn’t get to have a picture with them. A police man came over “I’ve been instructed to allow you to come inside and have a proper picture” Paddington and mr gruwber followed. As they left Paddington waved his flag
    One more time Incas the Queen seen it. Mr Gruber took one last photo “you must put an X on the photo when we get home and put it in your scrap book “ he told Paddington

  5. One bright morning, Mr Gruber and Paddington went out to visit Buckingham palace to see the queen. Padington and Mr Gruber went through St James’s park he saw alot of flowers and asked Mr Gruber if he should get some for the queen and he said its illegal as the queen already owns it and that it is here front garden.They went near the palace and saw a band playing songs and Paddington went and couldnt see anything. Then the band went away and they were not happy.Then a Royal guard went to them and pointed at them and he said come and they saw the Queen and got there picture.

  6. One sunny day in the morning padington and mr grubber went to go to Buckingham palace so they went in the bus they wanted to sit in front of the bus because they want to see amazing London
    .They went to the park padington said oh I’m going to pick up these flowers mr gruber said that is illegal to do padington said why? This is illegal because this is the Queen’s flowers anyways.
    so you dont need to even give once they reached to Buckingham palace padington thought he saw the Mr grubber said that could be the Queen.
    Now they saw the solider’s walking they were doing types of music but padington couldn’t see so Mr grubber gave this telescope thing but he still couldn’t see so he crawled about but they were already gone.Mr grubber said sorry if I couldn’t get you any pictures it’s fine said padington it doesn’t matter now a guy in a differnt hat said to the police man let them two people to come so the police man said do you guys want to come in Buckingham palace they said of course do they went in an after a long time they came back padington said when they out I really think that is the

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