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Thursday 26 th March

Today Mrs RRK and myself phoned lots of houses to check on people. We are asking that everyone visits the BH website and does the work that is set by the teachers on there. Please make sure you try and do the work.  We have also posted a Where’s Wally puzzle, this is great fun and you have to find  various staff.

If you have problems with anything please send an email to myself and I will forward to staff for you.

All staff are safe at the moment and it was great talking to so many wonderful people. Keep up the great work Team BH.

49 thoughts on “Thursday 26 th March

  1. (One) = Uno
    (Two) = Dos
    (Three) = Tres
    (Four) = Cuatro
    (Five) = Cinco
    (Six) = Seis
    (Seven) = Siete
    (Eight) = Ocho
    (Nine) = Nueve
    (Ten) = Diez
    (Eleven) = Once
    (Twelve) = Doce
    (Thirteen) = Trece
    (Fourteen) = Catorce
    (Fifteen) = Quince
    (Sixteen) = Dieciséis
    (Seventeen) = Diecisiete
    (Eighteen) = Dieciocho
    (Nineteen) = Diecinueve
    (Twenty) = Veinte
    (Twenty-one) = Veintiuno
    (Twenty-two) = Veintidos
    (Twenty-three) = Veintitres
    (Twenty-four) = Veinticuatro
    (Twenty-five) = Veinticinco
    (Twenty-six) = Veintiseis
    (Twenty-seven) = Veintisiete
    (Twenty-eight) = Veintiocho
    (Twenty-nine) = Veintinueve
    (Thirty) = Treinta
    (Thirty-one) = Treinta y uno

  2. Lovely speaking to you Mrs Frankish. Ilyas still going on about it!! He’s now thinks Mr Mahmood will be ringing him too! Hope you feel better Mrs Frankish. Missing the banter.
    Take care all.

    • Yes I have seen the photos. Working on the stairs because you moved house! Hope everything is ok now, you are doing a great job! Very proud of you.

  3. Thank you Mrs Frankish.
    Could you also please let us know an email address, where we can send pictures/videos of the work children do at home.

  4. Thank you teachers for checking on us.. hope you all teachers are doing good! I can’t go on Education city l think it’s to do with too many children are using at the same time.

    • If you can’t access it tomorrow please leave a comment on the class blog and we will look into it for you.
      Thank you
      Mrs Raja-Khan

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