Thursday 7th May – 4R Art: The Tudor Rose

Today we are going to learn about the significance of the Tudor Rose and even try creating our own! We will be drawing with pencil first, then you could use paint (if you have it), coloured pencils or pens to complete the design.
Please send us a photo of your finished Tudor Roses!

TASK 1: The history behind the Tudor Rose
Read the two slides below.
1) Which two historic houses were fighting each other for the throne in the 15th Century?
2) Which house did Henry Tudor fight for at the battle of Bosworth?
3) What political move did Henry VII make to bring the war of the Roses to a peaceful end?

TASK 2: Create your own Tudor Rose
Watch the video below to find out how to make a Tudor rose. Remember:
-Draw the design in pencil first
-The white rose should be smaller and sit in the centre of a larger red rose
-The very centre is yellow and there is one pointed green leaf between each rose petal

BRONZE: Trace the template below from the screen to help you create your rose. (Use a PENCIL and press LIGHTLY- a pen could damage your i-pad or computer screen!)

SILVER: Copy the design onto paper, drawing one smaller rose (white) and one larger (red). Then colour them and stick them together- ta da!

GOLD: Make lots of Tudor Roses and use them to decorate a Tudor crown! (Have fun your majesty!!)

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