Thursday 7th May: Year 5 Home Learning: English

Good morning year 5.
Today you have 2 tasks:
1) complete a writing task on purple mash.
2) handwriting.

Task 1
You have been invited to create a futuristic gadget. You need to use persuasive writing to explain why your gadget is the best. You can use the clip art to add a picture or you can draw your own and upload it.
Use the power-point below to help revise the features of persuasive writing. There are word banks in there to help you with your vocabulary.

Bronze: Capital letters, full stops and adjectives to describe your gadget.

Silver: Rhetorical questions and facts.

Gold: Modal verbs, alliteration and superlatives

Here is a good example of the text:

Here are some tips on how to save and add pictures:

Task 2
Here is your handwriting task:

87 thoughts on “Thursday 7th May: Year 5 Home Learning: English

  1. Ness

    Suffix : ness
    Sentence: i saw happiness in her eyes.

    Suffix: ness
    Sentence: the illness people got better at the hospital.

    Suffix: ness
    Sentence: my heart was full of sadness.


    Suffix: ly
    Sentence: that girl was lovely

    Suffix: ly
    Sentence: my teddy was cuddly

    Suffix: ly
    Sentence: i sat on the sofa softly


    Suffix: ation
    sentence: the presidents were talking to the nation tonight.

    Suffix: ation
    Sentence: we all have imagination at night.

    Suffix: ation
    Sentence: i don’t know


    Suffix: ous
    Sentence: the girl was curious

    Suffix: ous
    Sentence: that girl was so angry at her brother.

    Suffix: ous
    Sentence: i was so anxious by choosing out of these chocolate.

  2. I have done this in my homework book but I’m going to do my purple mash activity tommorow . My sentence is :
    This subtraction word problem is so hard . From the suffix action.

  3. When I was finished doing my purple mash task I pressed save and excited then when it went back on todos it reset everything I wrote .

    • Hanif if you go to 2Do on Purple Mash , scroll it down to 4th task it says Futuristic gadget. That’s your task. I hope this helps you.

    • Lovely to see you responding to the blogs again Cara! I hope you’re well. I cannot find your purple mash work though. Can you check that you submitted it please?

  4. To get the answer for 12.23 + 1.254. I need to write the sum out . I noticed 1.254 has 4 thousandth and 12.23 doesn’t have a thousandth so I added 0 on to the number. This now is 12.230. Now I can add both numbers together. 12.230 + 1.254 = 13.484.

    • There is a task for you to complete on Purple Mash Adela. Have you completed this?
      If you do not have any space left in your homework book, then it is absolutely fine to do it on paper. Just make sure you send this work to us over email once completed.

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