Thursday 7th May- Year 5 Home Learning: Topic

Good morning everyone!

Today, we shall continue planning our new animal-themed tourist attraction in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

What we need today is to know what your attraction will look like! How will you organise the exhibits? What is needed is a floor plan for your brand new attraction! Have a look at the following examples:

Now it is your turn to create your own map for your new attraction. Use the examples above to help you. We want it detailed, bold, attractive to look at, colourful, neat and above all else, user friendly because why would you give your customers something which is useless!

Remember to let us know when you have completed your maps! And, email them to us so we can see what you have created! Have fun!

58 thoughts on “Thursday 7th May- Year 5 Home Learning: Topic

    • Hi Zavian, What are you confused about? Topic this week has been about designing a tourist attraction in Stratford! You are very creative and I think you would enjoy this! Look back at the Topic blogs over the last 2 weeks and complete the work. Then email it over! I would love to see your drawings and designs :)

  1. im sorry I don’t have enough paper to make the map or maybe ill try to do it but I still need help on making it so can you please please please help me 😭😭

    • Haniah, have a go at making your map on whatever paper you do have. Remember if you stick the 2 pieces together with glue, your paper will become bigger, so you can use them.

    • Haniah please remember to be truthful. I have just spoken with you and your mummy and you do have paper and books at home to do your work. You also have your homework folder (which has paper in). Please remember our school rules even when outside of school and try your best!

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