Thursday – To compare, understand and explain the different features of television and print adverts and the purpose of them.

You have been learning all about the features of print and TV adverts.

Use your knowledge and skills to compare and explain the different features of a print advert and a TV advert.



Think about;

  1. What features have been used?  
  2. Is there a slogan?
  3. Is there music and what type? 
  4. What mood does the advert create? 
  5. Who is the intended audience and how is the advert appropriate for that audience?
  6. How do they aim to sell the product?


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  1. 1)The TV advert has music were as the print advert has no music,.On the TV adverts there is a product name also the print advert has product name.
    2)There is a slogan on the the TVs advert and the print advert.
    3)there is music in the tv adverts but there is no music in the print advert.
    4)The mood the it creates is a happy mood and a hungry mood.
    5)it is for adults and kids it is appropriate for them because the adult had voices of kids.
    From ibrahim and moman

  2. 1.the picture advert has images but the other advert uses movement
    2.they both have the same slogan (kids and grown ups love it so,the happy world of haribos

  3. 1. What features have been used
    Catchphrases , hook , convince , brand name,product name
    2. Is there a slogan ?
    3. Is there music and what type?
    Yes there is at the end and it’s a jolly type.
    4. What mood does it create?
    It created so funny mood
    5. Who is the audience?
    Children and adults

    By Safa and Maleeha 😀😃😄😅😆😊🙂👩🏽👧🏽😼

    1) The features that have been used are image,mascot(the bear)’song,posititive words,expression,product and brand name.

    2) Yes there is a slogan,the slogan is Kids and grown ups love it so,the happy world of Haribo.

    3) There is music.The type of music is fun exiting music for kids.

    4) The mood is a happy mood.

    5) The audience is for adults and kids but mainly for kids.

    6) They aim to sell the product by telling us in the advert that you can buy it in any shop anywhere

    By Layla and Rudaba

  5. 1.The features are:
    Product name
    Brand name
    2.Yes there is a slogan
    3.Yes there is music and it is also a song which is the slogan.
    4.The advert creates quite a joyful happy mood which makes you want to have it.
    5.The audience is an adult and children because it has an adult speaking in a children voice.
    6.They aim to sell it by persuading the adults and children to buy it .

    By Khadijat and Nidhi

  6. The print and television comparison!!

    The difference between a print and television advert is that in a television advert they could like video or film their product whereas in a print advert it is just a picture with persuasive language.
    In the television they could easily put all their ideals onto one advert in comparison the print advert might be a bit to full if you put more features.
    As well as being effective, the advert creates a happy, cheerful mood and a really funny mood too.
    The adverts are both persuading the children and adults to buy the product.

    By Alisha and Ruqayyah👸👍🏼🙂😊😄✔️✔️✔️✔️

  7. 1.A jingle a slogan and a opinion
    2. Yes there is a slogan included.
    3.Yes there is and it is classical
    4.Tis advert creates a happy mood seeing as it is something humans will like it.
    5.The intended audience is grownups and kids.
    6.They aim to sell the product by making funny voices

  8. The features in this video are a jingle, a brand, a scene,a product and the actors has impressions.

    There is a slogan. ‘ Kids and grown ups love it so, The happy world of Haribo.

    There is a music and it is called a jingle.

    The advert creates a happy mood.

    The audience for this product is everyone because the jingle says that it is for grown ups and children.

  9. 1. One of the features that has been used is a jingle,impressions ,and a slogan.
    2. Yes there is a slogan which is kids and adult love it so the happy world of Haribo.
    3.There is music and it is a jingle to persuade the audience to buy the product.
    4.This advert makes you happy and laugh as the adults have funny kids voices.
    5.This advert is to persuade everyone who wants to feel young to buy the product this is appropriate for the audience because it has a jingle and the adults have funny expression.

  10. 1. In the video it had a jingle of saying ‘ kids and grow ups love it so the happy world of Harribo’, which is the slogan. Whereas on the printed advert the slogan is printed on the product. Also there is a brand ,a scene and the expression.

    2. There is a slogan that is repeated In a jingle throughout the end.

    3. There is happy mood of the music of the Harribo sweets.

    4. A happy, interested mood because of the jingle ,the expression of the adults voice and the humour in the advert.

    5. The audience is everyone because the jingle says its for adults and kids.

  11. 1)The features that had been used is a diagram, facts, slogan and many more.

    2) There is a slogan on the Haribo packet which says ‘ kids and adults love it so in the happy world of Haribo’

    3) In the advert there is a song and the type is a jingle.

    4) This creates a happy mood to others around.

    5) Adults and kids are the intended audience and it is appropriate and makes the adult feel young.

  12. 1 The features that they have used are expression emotional language and impressions.
    2 There was a slogon was used on the packed which is kids and adults love it so the happy world of Haribo.
    3 There is a pice of music at the end which is joyful.
    4 This advert creates happiness and humor.
    5 I think the audience is kids and adults adult will like it as it will make you fell younger.
    6 They will persuaded the people as they will create humor.

  13. 1) The features they have used are slogan,diagram and information.
    2) Yes there is one.They put the slogan on the packet because when you buy the product straight away you’ll see it.
    3) There is music.The type of music is a jingle.
    4) The advert creates a really happy mood.
    5) The audience is adults and children.Haribos are appropriate for adults because they really want to feel younger and really happy.
    6) They aim to sell the product because they want to make people happy and make money and hope they will enjoy!

  14. 1) The features that have been used are simple sentences,brand.
    2) The slogan is “Kids and Grown-ups love it so, Happy World of Haribo!”
    3) There is Jingle music used in the advert.
    4) The mood that the advert creates is joy and happiness.
    5) The audience are kids and adults and it is appropriate for kids AND adults because the advert includes adults with children’s voices.
    6) They aim to sell the product by telling the audiance that if kids love it so adults (might) love it too because it brings people together (as it says).

  15. 1.A jingle, something in every advert, and a slogan, a song, has been used.
    2.There is a slogan because at the end, there is a song, a slogan.
    3.There is some music and it is a really happy sound.
    4.The music creates a cheerful mood, everyone will be this mood.
    5.The audience is everyone, it is appropriate because it will make you feel young.
    6.The aim to sell this because the adults have childrens voices, it will make you feel young.