8 thoughts on “Title Our Memorable Journey

  1. Very caring and supportive comments from every one. Well done.
    Well done too to Dominic and Natalia for producing and providing a very thoughtful and caring video (Well done Mum and dad too!)

  2. well done Natalia and Dominic that was a fabulous video!:) And I also believe that this tragedy should not have happened and everyone in the whole world should help make sure it doesn’t happen :)

  3. Thank you Natalia and her brother!!!!

    People who are looking at this video should really think about how lucky we are and we have such kind people who care for us. As well as that, we all get treated the same no matter what. We always get what we want and there are parents, teachers and other children who really care about us.

    On the other hand, Jewish people were treated badly because they lost their parents and they didn’t have anyone who cared for them. As well as that, they weren’t lucky like us because the soldiers gave them less food which made them weak and really bony. Even there were many horrible rules where Jewish people had to die.

    Everybody has to think about how lucky they are and why they have to appreciate this all. I hope I have done a great comment.

    Bismah, 6M

  4. this is a great video and is really amazing Natalia.when you went did you have fun and did you cry when you went inside.you work really hard in this video Natalia. :)

  5. Oh my god i don’t know what to say your video was actually amazing,incredible,outstanding it really showed what you have learnt during history week and you tolled us more facts about what really happened during the holocaust
    I loved it!!!:) also you ask your brother Dominic questions about it and were very interesting

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