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To find words in a Dictionary

Today the children have  learnt what a dictionary is and how to use it correctly.They were put into pairs and given some words to find out the meaning with their partner. They all found this very interesting .Take a look at the pictures below

Here is a video of Maryam and Zakariya telling me what word they found and the meaning of that word.



What do we use a dictionary for?

Find out the meaning of these words in a dictionary











4 thoughts on “To find words in a Dictionary

  1. We use the dictionary to find the meaning of the words.

    Blinds means are an material that is used on a window to stop light coming in.

    Stools means a seat without no back rest.

    Basket means carrying objects. For example when you go shopping you put items into an basket.

  2. dictionary is a list of word in alphabetical order and that explain their meaning and correct spelling.
    1. blind- unable to see
    2.stool- a movable seat without arms or back
    3.basket- a container for holding or carrying things made of strips flexible material

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