Children created tomato carriers, using boxes with a range of resources. Children have been able to design and a build a model that could transport as many cherry tomatoes as possible, at the same time, and without squashing them.

They built a basket to hold your their cherry tomatoes and design and a device to move the basket safely, from one place to another, without squashing the tomstoes.

At the end, children created baskets by adding the cherry tomatoes and pushing or pulling basket.  They made sure the cherries do not fall and sit comfortably. 


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  1. The tomato carriers are made from:
    Elastic bands
    Wooden Wheels
    Wooden Sticks
    Different kinds of boxes
    Masking tape

  2. We used for tomato carrier was…

    Sello tape
    Masking tape
    Lastec band
    Art straws
    Wooden stick
    Wooden wheels

    Then when we finish we tested it if it squish the tomoto.

  3. I enjoyed the sole project.
    We made tomato carriers to put medium sized cherry tomatoes. We added some creations to make it look pretty. I’m proud that everyone’s design worked.

  4. So today we learnt how to make tomato carriers amd my group were bery clever
    The materials we used…
    A card box
    Plastic wheels
    Sello tape
    Wooden sticks
    But the tomato never came out of the box and thats good amd when we finished our carts we pushed them down the zipwire hill and it worked
    Presentation 5/5 ihope we do ot again in year4.
    I loved this experiment

  5. I loved sole project.
    We had a shoe box to make our tomato carrier. With all team work we created one lager tomato carrier. We used a range of items to make out tomato carrier.

    The objects we used…
    Masking tape
    Art Straws
    Wooden sticks
    Wooden wheels
    Elastic band

    When we had finished making our cats we went outside to test them. Our wheel can.e of so we used selotape. On the adventure playground on the zip wire we pushed our carts down and we put tomato’s inside to see if one of the tomato’s will come out.
    Our group had a strong cart and none of the tomato’s ever came out.
    We manged to get all the tomatos safely down the hill however we did a brilliant magnificent cart.

    Presentation- I give the presentation 5 out of 5 because our cart was strong.

    Hope we do this next time
    I loved this experiment