Transition Day 3 White – Aim high, the sky is the limit!


What a great day we all had meeting one another in 3 White. Mrs Cotton and I were so impressed at how mature and sensible you were, we think you are definitely ready for Year 3!

We had a great day sharing a meaningful story, producing some lovely artwork for our new classroom and shared our dreams and aspirations for Year 3. We are sure you will all aim high and achieve your goals.

Our new mantra to learn for September is:

Aim high, the sky is the limit!

1) What does ‘aim high’ mean to you?

2) We discussed the story ‘The Black Dog’, and the idea of conquering our fears. What will you conquer in Year 3?

3) We took part in a team building challenge to improve on our team building. What can you do in Year 3 to make sure that we are all one?

I look forward to hearing your responses!

Miss King and Mrs Cotton



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