Transition day in Year 6 Red!

Wow! What a great transition day! You had the chance to meet your new teachers in year 6 – myself, Mrs Hurt and Mrs Janjua.

We did a lot of work on what we want to achieve in year 6 and how we can achieve this.

In addition to this, we discussed the qualities of an exemplary year 6.

Please write down and expand on what you would like to achieve in year 6 and how you will achieve them.

Also, write down the qualities that make a ‘fantastic’ year 6 citizen at Broad Heath.

You will all do really well in year 6 next year! I’m looking forward to September already. 


  1. Wow! Next year is going to be challenging and you will have your SATS so good luck with your SATS .And I hope you will enjoy year 6 it is really fun and amazing

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