Transition day- the new 5B!

Year 4 came to Year 5! Mrs Kaur and I were so impressed with your behaviour, your attitude and your manners! 

Today, we created faces of witches using paper plates. Children stuck the eyes, the hair (paper hands) and the hat to make the final look. 

Other activities were:

Creating 3D wizards

Finding interesting synonyms to stick on our ‘magical’ vocabulary door by writing them under the picture of a pumpkin, haunted house or other characters.

Children also wrote their aspirations on paper cauldrons and wrote what the mantra meant to them personally, on potion bottles. 

Children also cut out drawn hands and coloured them and created patterns related to the mantra: BELIEVE IN YOUR OWN MAGIC. They then went out with Mrs Kaur to add some ‘glamorous glitter’! 

You also taught me how to play ‘challenger’! What a fantastic game it was.

What are you looking forward to in Year 5?

How did you find transition day?

What was your favourite activity?


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  1. 1.Im really looking forward to be learning so much about space because I want to know what happens when the earth stops.
    2.I found transition day fantastically brilliant because it was fun doing activities
    3.My favourite part is everything.

  2. 1) In year 4 I am looking forward to be learning about space.
    2) I found transition day very exciting because we got to do fun activities.
    3)My favourite activities was when we got to make a witch with paper plates .

  3. I am looking forward in year 5 about geography,ancient sports and the solar system.
    I found transition day super because I got to do all kind of different and amazing activities.
    My favourite activities were trying to guess the new mantra for my new class when I am in year 5 and making the paper plate witches.

  4. 1.I am looking forward to learning about space in science.
    2.It was so much fun because we were doing witches.
    3.My favourite part was doing the hands.

  5. I am looking forward to do sats

    I found transition day very fun like it was the best day ever at school

    My favourite part of transition day was when we got a hand and coloured them

  6. 1)I’m looking forward to tricky maths and siwmming in year five.
    2)I loved transition day it was really fun especially when we we got a whole day with our teachers.
    3)my favourite activity was were we made the little witches.

  7. 1. I am looking forward to doing more harder work in year 5.
    2. I found transition day really fun because we got to do such fun activities.
    3. My favourite activity was when we cut the hands.

  8. To do my sats.
    I found transition the best day ever in school.
    My faviourite part was when we did the fire where we put marshmallows in and ate them.