Trip to Transport Museum

As part of the Summer 2 topic ‘Travel’ Reception visited the Coventry Transport Museum. The children had an exciting experience looking at all of the different modes of transport and were mesmerised by how different forms of transport have changed over time.

Have a look at the video below:


1. What was the name of the first bike and what was it made of?

2. How many different types of transport can you name and list?

3. What type of engine did the Thrust 2 have?

4. What was your favourite mode of transport? Draw an picture and write some information about      it.

5. Which transport would like to travel in and why?

3 thoughts on “Trip to Transport Museum

  1. The Trip to Transport Museum:

    1) The first bike we saw was a wooden Penny Farthing. It has a large front wheel and a small back wheel.
    2) Here are the different types of Transport, that we can use to travel around. Bus, Train, Cycling, Cars, Boats and Air Travel.
    3) Thrust 2, has a rocket engines. This gives Thrust 2 the power to travel fast in supersonic speed. It smashed a land speed record in 1997, and was operated by a fighter pilot.
    4) I would like to travel by Thrust 2, it can take me to school and home in supersonic speed.

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