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35 thoughts on “TT Rockstars- Beat Mrs Khaliq

    • Well done Lawy! I knew you would beat me. 10 Dojo points for being the first one to beat me! Keep practising ready for my next challenge!

  1. Hi mrs khaliq today i did the match and it was fun and i enjoyed it.
    its really impressive to see all BH staff and teachers standing togather in this difficult time for the students.I miss my school and teachers who working with me.I hope things get settle soon.
    thanks once again.take care every1

    • Hi Zaeem,

      It is so good to hearing from you. I hope you and your family are safe and well! I am really glad you are enjoying the learning and well done for keeping up to date. You are a superstar!
      As you know I only started BH in September. I am also blown away by the way the staff work endlessly to ensure the children are still getting the best learning possible. I feel so proud to be a part of such a fantastic team.
      Zaeem I really miss everyone too, especially SMSC where I have been so lucky and been able to teach everyone in Year 3. Hopefully things will settle soon and we will be able to have some more time together in Year 3. Keep learning and keep gaining you superstar👍.

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